Paytm iOS App Promo: Get $10 Free by Paying Rogers/Fido, Telus/Koodo, Virgin, Freedom Bill [u]


Toronto-based Paytm Canada is a payment platform which lets you pay your bills with your credit card easily on your iPhone or Android device, and currently offers over 5,000 billers available.

The benefits of paying your bills with a credit card include earning points or cash back on some bills which normally do not accept credit card payments, such as a property tax or hydro bills. For those who pay their credit card balances off monthly, Paytm is another way for you to make some more points/cash back.

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Right now, the company is offering a promo for Koodo Mobile and Fido customers, where if they pay their bill (at least $50) on Paytm, they can get $10 free. All you need to do is use promo code KOODO or FIDO.

Paytm says the free $10 will automatically appear in your Paytm Cash account, within two business days of your payment being accepted. You’ll then be able to use this cash towards making another bill payment, paying a friend or buying a Paytm Reward.

This promo is being offered by Paytm and not Koodo, and is valid until January 31, 2018, 11:59PM EST.

According to Paytm, their top billers are Enbridge Gas, Toronto Hydro, Fido Mobile, BC Hydro and Alectra Utilities. The app also includes bill reminders as well so you’ll never miss a bill payment.

The service seems to be reviewed favourable by money-conscious members over at RFD. Paytm Canada’s parent company is based in India and has a large footprint in the country. Paytm launched in Canada back in March of 2017.

Click here to download and sign up for Paytm—use our referral code PTM6121249 and you’ll get $10 when you complete your first $50 bill payment.

Have you been using Paytm to pay your bills? Share your review of the service below in the comments.

Update: Looks like there are more promo codes available…check them out below

  • Fido customers: FIDO
  • Rogers customers: ROGERS
  • Virgin customers: VIRGIN
  • Freedom Mobile customers: FREEDOM
  • Telus customers: TELUS


  • sukisszoze

    I can’t believe the number of billers they have. Using it to pay bills that do not accept credit cards with my MC (no Visa as they treat the payments as cash advance) like hydro, property taxes…and soon university tuition 🙁

  • Derek Sanford

    I tried to pay Koodo with the code but unfortunately the Promo Code only applies to a first time payment with them. I have have paid Koodo with Paytm in the past and try to use the service whenever possible. Try it and use PTM6216230 for an additional free $10. Thank you!

  • MathieuM

    There are many more promo codes currently available when you make a payment for $50+. Use the following promo codes, and if you sign up for a new account, feel free to use referral code PTM8931147 , thanks!

    $10 on Toronto Hydro Payment: HYDRO

    $10 on a Rogers payment: ROGERS

    $10 on a Bell payment: BELL

    $10 on a Telus payment: TELUS

    $10 on a Fido payment: FIDO

    $10 on a Koodo payment: KOODO

    $10 on an Enbridge payment: ENBRIDGE

  • Roy

    As of Jan 8 2018, VISA is no longer accepted through PayTM. This is a big deal if you were hoping to get points for bills that do no accept credit card payments. (Utilities, etc.)

  • Peter Mikhail

    MasterCard is still accepted.

  • Dennis

    Just reading the info, promo and then looking at the APP raised all sorts of red flags to me. Mickey Mouse explanations and multiple “incentive codes” screamed “watch out”. Have you really checked this out, Gary? Does not meet your usual standards!!!