PC Financial Refuses to Give a Clear Answer About Apple Pay


The excitement over Canada’s ‘Big 5’ banks finally all supporting Apple Pay as of today, almost feels like the day the iPhone 3G launched in Canada. We’ve waited almost two years for Apple Pay to hit our banks and we can now utilize the full potential of our iPhone and Apple Watch devices for mobile payments.

There are still some banks that have not announced support for Apple Pay yet. While Tangerine clarified they would have the mobile wallet up and running by the “end of July”, PC Financial can’t make up its mind on what to tell customers yet.

The company’s social media team has been berated by customers demanding an answer about whether or not they will support Apple Pay, some accusing the bank of “stringing” them along. The communications team has resorted to mass copy and paste replies on Twitter, saying “Though Apple Pay is not currently available via PC Financial we’re exploring all possible mobile payment solutions. Stay tuned!”

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PC Financial is a subsidiary of Loblaws, with banking services provided by CIBC; the latter supports Apple Pay, so you would think support is forthcoming. If nothing materializes by the time Tangerine jumps on board sometime in July, it might be worth considering switching banks, if you’re desperate to use Apple Pay (it’s worth it).

PC Financial customers–what are you going to do? Wait a bit longer or go switch banks?


  • Switch.

  • Lenny Wu

    I still have AMEX as a go-to for ? Pay (got it since March), but I’ll still wait on PC Financial if they will support it. PCF is the only bank account I use.

  • Junior C

    Just an FYI to all the PC financial customers. TD also offers no fee chequing accounts. The difference is that you’ll have to maintain a balance of 3-5k depending on the account type chosen, if maintained the fee will get rebated at the end of the month.

    Financial Advisor at TD

  • Dominic

    Most of the major banks offer that, I used to have RBC chequing. I love TD for credit cards, I have a free trip because of it, but Tangerine gives you more luxury without a monthly charge for being with them. I move money around a lot, but I don’t want to be busy with fees and the amount necessary to evade monthly charges.

  • FragilityG4

    No surprise here. They were the last to make a banking app.

  • Matt

    Switching to Tangerine within the next few days. PC, you were great and saved me money, but the time has come to move onto newer, more current things.

  • Z S

    “That’s just bad banking”

  • 1His_Nibs1

    I will be switching. Probably to Tangerine. Maybe Scotiabank

  • mh

    Remember how long it took for PCF to come out with their iOS App. Long after the others!

  • Rory

    I don’t get it. PC offers touch ID long before TD does, but can’t their shit together on Apple Pay even though CIBC did?

  • runner

    I think the lack of clarity on their decision comes down to them fussing over the Apple Pay fees. Lets be clear, Apple’s cut is very aggressive and I am quite frankly surprised so many banks have agreed to their terms. Apple has incredible negotiators, CLEARLY!
    I think market demand will lead to pc eventually giving in, but I think they want to see how well Apple Pay is adopted here first.

  • Sterling Archer

    This is it exactly.

    The rewards for. PC points are actually some of the best in the CC world, especially if you shop primarily at Loblaws stores.

    And while sure I would LOVE to have it integrated, and I would never tell PCF this, I wouldn’t drop my card just for not having Apple Pay support.

    Sure I love the up to the minute transaction data that Apple Pay supplies, but honestly many of my shops would require PIN entry and I take my card with me everywhere. Tapping with my card versus my phone isn’t enough of an inconvenience, unfortunately.

  • Sterling Archer

    It’s cost.

    It may seem minimal to us ($0.15/$100 or whatever) but remember that every PCF card has the points program attached. Allowing Apple Pay would end up cutting their take home.

    The PCF rewards, especially on their World card, are some of the best in Canada. If they can’t find a financial way of justifying the cuts, I’d rather them not take Apple pay if it meant us losing any rewards. Again, even the best dividends cards can’t match what PCF can, even the ones that can provide payouts a few times a year, and that’s it. In the last month I’ve redeemed $110 in points because I use my card for everything.

  • Sterling Archer

    And the rewards are just too good to switch to an alternate if you’re like my family.

    But I still will press the hell out of them.

  • Sterling Archer

    But TD doesn’t offer nearly the same rewards that the PCF cards/world Mastercard can. I recently compared before switching a lot of stuff over, and if you shop primarily at Loblaws stores, it’s even a stronger competitor.

    Plus no balance needs to be maintained. And honestly as great as Apple Pay is, there’s still limits. A lot of my shops are over the max for tap, and so I’d have to have my card anyway.

  • Sterling Archer

    Yeah if it was my CIBC low rate card that I was switching from, maybe. But the convenience of tapping my phone or my card isn’t enough to give up on the rewards.

  • speedracer99

    Folks that is what you get for “Grocery Store” run bank. Getting what you pay for. Switch if you really want apple pay

  • Corey Beazer

    I have four accounts over at PC. I’ll definitely be switching if they don’t adopt Apple Pay. So far I am looking at Tangerine. Are there any other banks that offer similar POINTS for purchases? Ideally free/low cost when it comes to fees?

  • Ashley Mann

    I cancelled my PC Card yesterday. I want the convience of Apple Pay. Waiting in line, reading iPhoneInCanada (I said that for you Gary, you’re awesome!) catching up on the news and gossip, then I pay with Apple Pay, simple and easy. Keeping life simple works!

  • Dehop

    Ironically, reading iPhoneInCanada while waiting in line is something I *can’t* do at my local Loblaws… over half the store is in a deadzone for my carrier.

  • Dehop

    Exactly, it isn’t as much a novelty, or a leap forward, as it is in the US where tap systems and cards have only started taking off in the last year or two, whereas we’ve had it for maybe 5 years or more now.

  • Tony The Tiger

    For those of you saying you’ll be switching to Tangerine, make sure you find someone you know that’s already with Tangerine and get their “Orange Key” referral code. Tangerine has a promotion where you’ll BOTH get $50 FREE with an initial $100 deposit into the new account!

  • Werdner

    Too bad TD limits the number of transactions you can do per month.

  • Rory

    Rewards? I have a TD First Class Travel Visa and also a PC card. I will take my TD visa rewards over my PC rewards every time. In the past year I’ve redeemed close to $2000.

    So I doubt rewards has much to do with this.

  • Russel McCue

    Yes, I will leave PC Financial if adoption of Apple Pay isn’t announced soon…too many other options for them not to get on board…

  • Vikram662

    Meh, it would be nice to have but not having it isn’t enough to make me switch. I enjoy banking with PC and paying zero fees. Plus their point system is way better than most banks, I’m always getting free groceries.

  • Sir. Sexyman

    Anyone wanna hook me up with a referral code? HaHa!

  • Mr Orange

    My “Orange Key” is 13892675S1 for anyone interested in signing up with Tangerine.

  • Highly Motivated

    An Open Letter to PC Financial:

    Salutations to the person(s) ultimately responsible for making the final decision on whether or not PCF will be using Apple Pay. While everything I’m about to say you should already be well aware of, given PCF’s inability to respond at this stage to the question of not only when but IF you will be integrating Apple Pay it seems that it might just be necessary.

    The only reason that makes any sense to me that you would not already be on top of this like the other 5 banks (especially since I always thought you were partnered somehow with CIBC) is that you have numbers to tell you how many people use mobile banking services from iOS devices, and that those numbers are SO low that you believe the cost far outweighs the perceived benefit based on those numbers.

    Outside of that, I can’t conceive of any reason that you would not be already online with Apple Pay like the other banks. Have your analysts not explained to you that the Apple community is the type of community that would abandon you before they change to a different environment? Have you no numbers to tell you how many people are logging on from computer platforms running OSX?

    Apple users want more than anything generally to be able to use their devices to the full potential, and not being able to do so in Canada happens far too often. When we see not only our neighbours to the South but our friends actually beside us being able to use these features, you can be very assured that switches will happen.

    Besides the customer satisfaction angle, there is also the issue of security. I’m not sure if you have analysts, but they should have told you that in the banking industry there has been this minor issue with device fraud for all kinds of card based transactions. Granted it’s been a while, but the last I heard these issues were costing the industry hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The Apple Pay system design is brilliant when it comes to not having to reveal the numbers that have come to rule our lives when we want the conveniences of using these monetary devices.

    I could really go on, but I think you get the point. The fact is, with responses being sent as shown in the above article from your Twitter account, it just really seemed necessary. The question of Apple Pay implementation by your institution is a no brainer. Truly.

    I can say with absolute certainty that if PCF doesn’t shortly announce to their customers that Apple Pay WILL be made available and with a launch date committed to, I will be transferring all of my accounts to either Scotiabank or CIBC, and I can all but assure you that there will be many more to come.

    FULL DISCLOSURE NOTICE: I have no affiliation with and hold no stock in Apple, PCF, Scotiabank or CIBC. My opinions expressed herein are my own and I have not received any compensation for this post.

  • Geeta Dutt

    Like many women, I’m usually juggling a purse, lunch bag etc. while shopping, so the convenience of having my phone ready to pay for my shopping and not having to reach into my purse for my wallet, is simply brilliant, so yes, Apple Pay is what I want and if a bank isn’t offering it, I don’t need them. I have both, PCF and Tangerine. Tangerine has promised Apple Pay by the end of July, and PCF sent me a reply to my email saying they aren’t even thinking about it. So goodbye PCF.

  • Mike

    I emailed PCFinancial about Apple Pay and they replied back saying that they have plans to support Apple Pay. So I guess it’s only a matter of time until they do.