PC Optimum Members Have Had Their Points Stolen Again, Loblaws Blames Password Bug


The rollout of Loblaws’ new PC Optimum points program has been very bumpy, and it hasn’t been getting any better for the company. Just a few weeks ago, we reported that Optimum members have reported that their accounts were hacked and their points were stolen.

According to a new report from CBC News, some of these Optimum members have had their points stolen again. Loblaws said that the reason for this is a glitch in their password system that allows a hacker to stay in the member’s account even after the password was reset.

Originally, the company advised members to create strong passwords, but that didn’t work out very well for William Grobe in Kitchener. On March 23rd, a thief stole a total of 240,000 points and spent them at a drugstore in Montreal. Just two days later, after Grobe created a stronger password, the thief struck again spending a total of 10,000 points at the same store.

The retailer reported on Friday that the glitch has been fixed, and they said that only a “very small number” had been negatively affected.


  • Olley

    those who collect optimum points are retarded to the cord… the points are essentially useless and I swear every other weekend I see shopper flyers promoting 20-50X bonus points for like… a bottle of shampoo. they may as well say redeem 5,000,000 points for a 5 dollar gift card.

  • sarge

    Well PC and Optimum are merged now

  • KBlazer07

    This is actually the best program. I redeemed today and got a free PS4 VR bundle with a game. Was on sale for $450, but each point was worth 25% more, so only used $360 worth of points. Works better at shoppers than at pc stores.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Too busy price fixing instead of bug fixing.

  • mackman6151

    Except 5,000,000 points = $5000 in the new program….

  • Happy with free

    Say what you want. I get free groceries all the time for doong nothing. I loce that kind of “retarded”.

  • I got $460 in one year, I literally did ALL my Christmas shopping with points.

    The trick is to utilize the coupons, and wait for the 20X events, then it REALLY adds up fast. Then also use the double points events to redeem, so everything is worth double $ when you redeem them.

    You have to think a little to make it work though, not everyone is able to put it all together.