Loblaws Resets All PC Plus Customer Passwords After Member Points Stolen


Earlier this month, Loblaws’ PC Plus announced some member points had been stolen, after the result of a fraud. Now, the company has reset passwords for PC Plus members, as they notified customers via email yesterday during the Family Day holiday.

Loblaws password reset

According to the email above, customers need to click on the link in the email to reset their password, or visit the PC Plus website and go to the “forgot my password” link. Loblaws says users cannot reset passwords via the PC Plus iPhone app. The company goes on to say they “apologize for any inconvenience” and customers should “contact us immediately if you notice missing points or other unauthorized activity.”

The breach, according to PC Plus, is due to “passwords exposed through third party websites or weak passwords.”


  • sarge

    They still won’t admit it’s their problem, I use a unique password for everything. Their system is a joke, maximum of 8 characters for a password…seriously?

  • Vin75

    I donated all my points to the children’s charity. After 3 years I only had 500 points. I never shop at their stores. My card is now shredded.

  • Nick

    It’s actually a garbage rewards program. I’ll spend 150$ but because I didn’t buy one of their “randomly” selected food I don’t get anything.

  • Ahh, kinda glad it wasn’t just me.
    I was wondering if someone actually stole my password somehow or something.

  • Dehop

    Well this explains the in-store notice that they’re currently preventing PC points being redeemed for gift cards…

  • SV650

    Beyond that, their reset password process is broken. No email sent with means to access the account.

  • Riddlemethis

    They’re handling this very badly. The same with RFD and Yahoo before this. Nobody is being held accountable and the masses simply can’t be bothered to let the powers to be know. And worst of all, nobody really cares either.

  • Robert ADDINGTON

    In line 4 of the e-mail, note the use of ‘principle’ as an adjective, My dictionary gives it as a noun only.

  • jabohn

    Says you.
    I’ve received $830 of free groceries since signing up and I just buy food for myself. Someone with a family to feed would make much more!