Pebble Announces Pebble 2, Time 2 and All-New Pebble ‘Core’


Yesterday, Pebble teased on its website that it will be making a surprise announcement and it did today, launching a fresh batch of smartwatches and fitness trackers on Kickstarter. The company announced two new heart-rate enabled smartwatches i.e. a $99 heart rate-enabled Pebble 2 with a black and white e-paper display, and a premium $169 stainless steel Time 2 with a color display and a longer battery life. Pebble has also announced its first non-smartwatch device, called the Pebble Core.

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The company says that it decided to include heart rate tracking because the company believes fitness tracking has become the third pillar of smartwatch functionality, alongside notifications and basic communications. The new Pebble 2 smartwatch is thinner and lighter than the original Pebble and has a Corning Gorilla Glass coating. It also has a built-in microphone. Meanwhile, the Pebble Time 2 combines features of the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel smartwatches.

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Perhaps the most interesting announcement today was the the Pebble Core, a tiny cube-sized computer that’s meant to work with a Pebble smartwatch and take the place of a smartphone. The Core can take a SIM card to get 3G cellular service and it contains a GPS tracker and a microphone. The buttons on the Core can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, such as hailing an Uber or opening a garage door.

The campaign crossed its $1 million Kickstarter goal within hours of its launch. To learn more or to back the project, hit up this link.


  • Jay

    I really wish Pebble would be more upfront with the functionalities that are actually available to iphone users. Instead of trying to fool people into buying their product.

    While pebble is a great solution for Android, it is lackluster on iphone. Granted the problems are due to apple’ boxed in ecosystem but regardless most of the functionality they’re boasting is unavailable for iphones (using the microphone, sending messages, answering calls ).

    Its basically just a waterproof notification center on your wrist ( no actions can be taken with the notifications ).

  • Yeah, Pebble had its use on iPhone before Apple Watch, but now it’s definitely more powerful on Android.

  • sukisszoze

    $3.8M raised already…my bet is that Pebble already has this pretty well finalized and ready to produce and just need the KS money to show commitments to their suppliers. I doubt they will make any changes to these devices and pretty well use KS to sell their ready to manufactured watches.