Pebble Holds $25 Off ‘May the Fourth’ Sale for 1,138 Smart Watches


More Star Wars sales are coming your way, this time from Pebble, the makers of the popular smart watch. You can save $25 off 1,138 Pebble Original or Steel watches only. Why only 1,138 watches?

The discount link will remain active today until 1,138 Pebbles (original or Steel) are ordered. The limit is an homage to THX  1138, George Lucas’ first film and a number that appears in several episodes of the Star Wars saga.

140504 Star Wars Day 1024x1024

You can jump on this Pebble sale by clicking here. If you’ve been waiting to jump on one of these watches, this is your chance. We still love our Pebble and use it daily, despite its limitations. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • anthony

    I’m afraid that even with $25 off, I can’t get past the cheap construction of the pebble.

    I appreciate the technology, but they have to step up the build quality. Steel is better but not even on par with a ‘regular’ watch of the same price.

    Buy a galaxy gear for $99 instead.

  • I was a Kickstarter backer of the original Pebble so I didn’t have high expectations for the first device. It’s still pretty durable for what it is though.

    What’s cool about the Pebble is it’ll work with both Android and iOS. The Galaxy Gear? It’s already old with Samsung churning out so many new versions every year and it won’t work with iOS or any non-Samsung device (a select few).

  • john

    I do manual labour and wear my pebble every day. I hit it off of everything and it’s still in as good of shape as the day i got it. Obviously there is always room for improvements however i am extremely happy with the first release of this watch.

  • Exactly my thinking. For what it is, it works well despite being a first generation product.

  • sukisszoze

    Pebble was a pretty good smart watch from 2012. Their sales probably have flatten out as more smart watches have come on to the market. They need to innovate to come up with a new model (probably in the works) than just to make it stainless steel to compete now.