Pebble Black Friday Sale: Original Smartwatch Drops to $79, Steel Version to $149


If you can’t hold out for Apple Watch any longer, check out Pebble’s Black Friday sale for 2014, which brings up to 25% off their watches plus free standard shipping to Canada. Here’s what’s available:

  • Pebble – $79 (save $20)
  • Pebble Steel – $149 (save $50)

We currently use our Pebble daily and it’s great to receive notifications on our wrist, plus the battery life is good enough to last a week.

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Last year’s Black Friday sale saw the original Pebble sell for $130, so $79 a year later is a pretty decent deal if you’ve been holding out for one.

Click here to jump on the Pebble Black Friday sale.


  • Tim

    I wanted to like Pebble, but when I owned one, I found that it frequently disconnected from my phone. I also felt the notifications buzz in my pocket before they showed up on the watch…so I’d often take my phone out rather than look at my wrist waiting for the message to appear.

    Can anyone with a pebble comment on how well it works with the iphone 6/ios 8?

  • The slight delay you mention is still there, but it is not as bad as before, it’s more real-time now. I’m using it on my iPhone 6 Plus and iOS 8. Make sure you setup the Pebble using the iOS app, as that solved a lot of issues.

  • iqzombies

    I ordered one on Black Friday, and my order was shipped on Dec 3rd, according to the email they sent to me. Today it’s Dec. 16, and I still don’t have any information regarding to the tracking number. Is that normal? I sent a few emails inquiring the tracking of my order, but they didn’t seem to have customer service.

  • Mike

    Mine was bought Nov 28th, “dispatched” Dec 17 and I still haven’t recieved it. It’s now Jan 13. Brutal

  • iqzombies

    I remembered mine was dispatched on Dec. 13. I finally received it this Monday, Jan. 12. It works pretty good with my IP6+, almost no delay to pop up notifications. Twitter notifications even show up faster than iPhone.
    You could receive it very soon.