Pebble Time Kickstarter Crosses the $20 Million Mark [NEW PHOTOS]


Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign, which has been a massive success since its launch, has just hit another major milestone by crossing the $20 million mark with few more hours still to go before the project funding officially closes. The campaign became the most funded campaign in Kickstarter history a week after its launch, and followed that milestone up with the announcement of a luxury steel version.


The new Pebble Time smartwatch adds to the original Pebble with a color display, a ‘smartstrap’ that can connect to third-party devices, and an updated design. It also has a microphone and is about 20% slimmer than the original Pebble. Furthermore, it will also run on an updated Pebble operating system called Timeline.

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In today’s project development update, the Pebble team has shared some new pics of the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel watches, while also revealing special Kickstarter Edition etchings for first time backers and its water resistance features.

Pebble Time was tested according to the ISO 22810 standard. Most other smartwatches are only rated under the less rigorous IEC 60529 IPXX scale, and normal watches are tested to a specific ‘static pressure’, but we felt you deserved better.

In order to test the watch under ‘dynamic’ conditions, more representative of swimming, our engineers created a test using a swimming simulator with a machine that looks kind of like a paddle wheel. We strap Pebble Time watches to each spoke and repeatedly splash them into water to simulate swimming. With these tests completed, we’re pleased to confirm that Pebble Time functions great as sport and swim watch.

It’s important to note that Pebble Time is not a dive watch, though.

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You can check out the full set of photos for all Pebble Time models here.

Update: The Pebble Time project has closed and has “Successfully raised $20,338,986 USD with 78,471 backers.” We backed the project again this time around and are looking forward to receiving the smartwatch.


  • Magrat22

    Looks great.

  • matt

    I backed this with the 2 pebble times shipping in may 🙂 one for me, one for my mom


  • Nice! Looking forward to mine as well, a great company to support. The first gen Pebble has been great, despite its limitations. Now, how to juggle Apple Watch and the Pebble Time…

  • matt

    My plan: get pebble time either way. Pre order apple watch April 10 and check out reviews: if proven a worthy purchase, proceed with pre order. If not that great, cancel pre order and stick with pebble time, hoping for apple watch improvements in the future that would make it worth it.

    What do you think? If apple watch is worth it and I end up getting it, its good to have a cheaper alternative/secondary smart watch on hand in the pebble time.

  • Sounds like a good idea. My Apple Watch backup battery will be the Pebble Time. It’ll be interesting to see how the new Pebble will evolve.

  • matt

    I have a funny feeling that it will reign among smart watches this time around. No potential to android wear IMO, many are holding off on apple watch because it might end up failing in its 1st generation life cycle and activity trackers just don’t do enough to justify the price

    Pebble time can track activity, app support is already there, new colour display, solid software and build quality, it has a strong backing (look at the kick starter campaign it racked up), there’s actual life to its battery haha, good company and the killer feature: it works for both android and iOS…. Bigger market share and not to mention, its cheaper too

  • The Pebble Time definitely target the sub-$200 smartwatch market well, plus it works on both iOS and Android. Competition is a great thing for consumers.