Pebble Time Pre-Orders Start June 22 for USA, Canada and Beyond


Still deciding on a smartwatch? Going to hold out on Apple Watch for now? Then you may want to know Pebble has announced public pre-orders for their Time smartwatch will begin on June 22 worldwide.

All Pebble Time pre-orders for customers within the United States will be placed through Best Buy. To pre-order Pebble Time outside of the US, visit starting June 22nd.

Pebble time

So for those in Canada looking to buy Pebble Time, you can order from the company’s website starting June 22. No prices were announced, but expect the watch to cost around $150-$200. Pebble Time Steel isn’t available yet but the company says it’s coming soon.

We backed the Pebble Time project on Kickstarter and our watch has shipped. We’ll have a review coming of how this device compares to the Apple Watch soon.


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    The Pebble line is painful if you are left-handed. And the design team refuses to make a simple fix: an option to flip the screen upside down. I had the regular Pebble for a year, and took the design as simple discouraging me from using the 3 side buttons, as it was always a real hassle to. I assumed the new Pebble Time would fix this, but their careless/sloppy design team didn’t bother (while Galaxy Gear, Apple Watch and others have this fix in their design).

    I got a Moto 360 to replace my Pebble, and it’s like “gee, it’s amazing when the smartwatch experience isn’t awkward and painful”

    90% of you will love Pebble Time. The rest of us aren’t welcome.