Pebble Watch Now Supports iPhone SMS and iMessage [VIDEO]


In an update sent to its supporters via email, the Pebble team has announced its final colours for the watch and also announced the final product will support receiving SMS and iMessage notifications:

iPhone SMS and iMessage

Big news! We’re proud to announce that Pebble now supports receiving SMS and iMessage notifications from iPhones and iPod touches.

For this feature to work, you will need to have iOS 6 installed on your iDevice. It’s a free upgrade from iTunes available for all the iDevices that Pebble supports. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 6, don’t worry too much! Pebble provides a ton of features with iOS 5 including incoming caller ID, music control, downloadable watchfaces, app integration. Right now, notifications like email, calendar alerts and SMS do not get sent to Pebble if you have iOS 5.

Here’s a video demo of this new feature in action:

Update 25 – iPhone SMS and iMessage from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.

This looks awesome. I can’t wait to get my Pebble watch, unfortunately it won’t arrive in time for Christmas notes the team. The watch will support Bluetooth 4.0 and be integrated with RunKeeper. Back in August, the Pebble team previewed the watch’s interface.

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  • William

    I ordered one..can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  • Maniac

    Can’t wait, especially since it will work with the Lockitron lock I’ve got coming too!

  • Nick

    Looks great…. I just with that all these iPhone compatible watches didn’t look so cheap.. I hate rubber straps – why not a nice metal one?

  • It’s a standard size band so you are free to buy your own band and swap it in. They’ve already stated this!

  • I ordered 1, but it was pretty late in the game so I’m like 60,000th in line. This was the only function I have really been hoping they could work out with apple to bring to us. I was super pumped when I got this email earlier.

  • Henry

    apprently people on the official pebble pre order page are very frustrated why they put in the $ in august, but theres still no updates on release dates, yet they cant get a refund. I’ll wait until they start shipping then I’ll make my purchase.