Calgary-Developed ‘Peeple’ App to Allow Users to Rate Other Humans



According to a CBC News report, a new Calgary-developed ‘Peeple’ app, which already has the internet up in arms, will allow users to rate other humans on a scale of one to five stars, much like a Yelp review. According to Peeple CEO and co-founder Julia Cordray, “You’re going to rate people in the three categories that you can possibly know somebody — professionally, personally or romantically”. Cordray believes the app will help people make better decisions about who they interact with.

Negative comments will sit unpublished in the person’s inbox for 48 hours, giving them the opportunity to work out any disputes with the person who posted them, according to Peeple’s website. If the dispute can’t be resolved in that time, the comment will go live. The person can publicly defend themselves by commenting on the negative review. According to the site, users must “agree” that they are 21 or over.

“You should have the right to know who somebody is before you invite them into your home, around your children. They become your neighbours, they teach your kids, you go on dates with them,” said Corday.

Unfortunately though, not many people on Twitter seem to share her views, with majority seeing its potential for online bullying. Model and TV host Chrissy Teigen called it ‘horrible’ and ‘scary’. Here are some tweets:


Some people are amazed it was proposed in the first place, while others think it’s hilarious. Some think it might be a hoax, while some are wondering if it’s even legal. Here’s how Peeple is responding to some of the criticism:


Well, what do you guys say about this?


  • Crosseyedmofo

    heinous, absolutely fxcking evil

  • f1ght3r

    Terrible idea.

  • Kirk

    I think I am in agreement with many people out there when I say this app is a horrible idea… It’s like a internet trolls/bully’s summer vacation….. Who thought of that crap…

  • Yup… In a world where 1 person doesn’t like you, and they recruit all their friends to trash you; not to mention bored teens who’ll just do it for fun because someone is different than they are.

    Terrible idea. I suppose I’ll have a low rating now for not liking the idea… Lol 😛

  • sukisszoze

    Well, let’s give the bullies another tool to taunt their victims..what a terrible idea.