Link Petro-Points to Any RBC Card, Save 3 Cents/Litre on Gas, Earn 20% More Rewards Points


RBC and Petro-Canada have launched a new partnership to allow Canadians to save money on gas and earn more loyalty points.

On October 31, RBC customers will be able to link their Petro-Points to an eligible RBC debit or credit card, which will result in $0.03/L savings on gas purchases, plus 20% more Petro-Points on qualifying purchases, while RBC Rewards credit card holders will also get 20% more points on their purchases.

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“This announcement is about delivering value to Canadians through a seamless, simple and convenient experience, no matter what type of RBC card they choose to pay with,” says Sean Amato-Gauci, Executive Vice-President, Cards, Payments & Banking, RBC, in a statement.

In the next six months, over 500 RBC-branded ATMs will start appearing in Petro-Canada locations nationwide.

At the end of the month, customers are urged to visit, login with online banking credentials, add their Petro-Points number and then agree to terms and conditions. RBC says “Within two business days, clients will start receiving instant fuel savings and bonus points when they shop at Petro-Canada with their RBC card or the RBC Wallet.”

As for now until October 30, RBC customers can save 2 cents per litre on fuel purchases at Petro-Canada by paying with their RBC credit card. Most Petro-Canada stations accept tap payments at POS terminals, so Apple Pay works just fine.


  • SOB

    I know when CIBC had a deal with Petro Points, Apple Pay didn’t work. So this is good news. Don’t have a RBC MC but now might consider it.

  • sukisszoze

    Even at $0.03/litre, that’s about 2% at $1.40/litre. Dividend Visa gives 4% cash back. RBC needs to up the game!

  • sobi

    My Tangerine Mastercard gives me 2% cash back from gas, and when I swipe my Air Miles member card at my Shell gas station, I get 3 cents off.

  • jabohn

    I’m glad to hear this too as I was waiting to hear of a permanent replacement for the CIBC card which I cancelled. The RBC deal right now was a limited time so I didn’t sign up for a card, but now I will. It’s just more convenient for me to use Petro-Canada in terms of locations and I only use the card for buying gas. I use President’s Choice for everything else.

  • jabohn

    What is an eligible RBC credit card?

  • Mr Dog

    On top of the $0.03/litre you also receive the normal points your credit card would give you.

    Gas is around $1.10 near me (lower even) so thats almost 3% + the points.

    Im still gonna continue using my AMEX but just wanted to point that out

  • sukisszoze

    You are so lucky with the $1.10 gas..I’m paying $1.47 for after getting my Petro Points, the 4% is worth $0.059 off for me.