Now Carries Philips HUE HomeKit Upgrade Bridge for $39.95

Back in early October, Philips announced HomeKit support for their popular HUE line of smart light bulbs. They also released a new HomeKit Upgrade Bridge for existing users, but was hard to find in Canada due to the popularity of the upgrade program.

That has changed as now carries the HUE HomeKit Upgrade Bridge, priced at $39.95 CAD (it costs $40 USD so we’re saving on the exchange rate; previously priced at $59.95) with free shipping.

While shipping availability is pegged at 2-3 weeks, buying online from Apple pretty much guarantees you’ll receive one in time for Christmas. The added HomeKit support means you can use various Siri commands to control lighting modes and levels in your home, instead of just using the Philips iOS app.

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Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. You may also be able to find this within Apple Stores as well. Let us know in the comments if you see it in stock!

Thanks Vincent!

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  • Liam

    I ordered mine last weekend from Apple’s website, which at that time said they had them in stock. Two hours later they cancelled my order for the advertised $39.99 unit and then re-added the Hue Bridge at the full price $59.99, which they said was out of stock. Received it two days later. Not sure if somehow they check whether you own the last generation bridge and qualify for the $20 discount.

    Home Depot’s website currently says in Stock for the Hue Bridge at $59.99. I called customer service and they said their warehouse was due to have 9 delivered on Monday.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    question, do you add this bridge to your current one or do you swap it out?

  • duke_seb

    I got mine from the App Store last week…. It is freakin awesome…. It’s like living in Star Trek land

  • Gary Bowen

    I bought it from Apple at $40, and they charged me $60. When I questioned it, Apple refund me the $20.

    If you plan on getting it, you will need to use Elgato Eve to set up rooms, as the Phillips hue App does not currently have that capability. Elgato Eve also enables you to set up better scenes than the Hue app, and then you say things such as “goodbye”, and all the lights turn off.

    FYI: Best Buy have the switch and a white bulb for $40, but Home Depot sell it for $35.

  • Gary Bowen

    You swap it out, but you can transfer your settings before you do that. I bought the square one for $40, and just sold my old round one for $20 on Kijiji..

  • Jeff Artiss

    Do you have a link? Cant find either deal…

  • Gary Bowen

    Hi Jeff, I just posted a link, but I don’t think the moderators accepted the post with links. You can find them on the BestBuy, Home Depot, and Apple websites. Hope this helps.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    thank you

  • Jeff Artiss

    Couldn’t see a link. Maybe I misunderstood your post. Did you say Best Buy had a deal of a “switch and a white bulb” for $40? Home Deport $35?? Or those items are each that price individually…?

  • Crosseyedmofo

    just bought one at the apple store, paid 59.99 the guy says it was this price because of the exchange, checked this thread and the app, it is indeed 39.99

    they promptly refunded me

  • Gary Bowen

    Hi Jeff, the iPhoneinCanada website moderators wouldn’t allow me to post a link, so sorry I can’t post one.

    At Home Depot in Canada, the “switch and a white bulb” is $35. The switch on it’s own is $30, which means if you spend an extra $5, you get a white Philips hue bulb. Just search “Philips wireless dimming kit” on Home Depot website. For some reason, it’s $40 in Best Buy.

  • Gary Bowen

    Yes, Philips charge the same dollar amount in CAD and USD, which is nice.

  • Jeff Artiss

    Awesome – Thank you!! Great way to get into the Hue system. Been wanting to jump on this for awhile 🙂

  • Jeff Artiss

    Thats great. Now trying to figure out if I want to get this kit : Philips HUE A19 Smart LED Starter Kit – White @ $ 79.99 looks like it comes with the new bridge and 2 white bulbs… (BestBuy webcode: 10395299)

    Great job posting link 🙂