These Pictures Claim to be the Gold-Coloured iPhone 5S [PICS]


With recent chatter of Apple set to debut a gold colour option with the iPhone 5S, the first reported ‘leaked’ images of its outer shell have appeared online, posted by French repair site (via

The site has posted the images below and notes it has purposely blurred the Apple logo and the word “iPhone” on the back (to protect its source?). Of course, this could very well be a regular iPhone 5 shell spray painted in gold to spam the internet–but interestingly, the design does line up with a previously leaked image of another iPhone 5S rear shell from a few days ago.

Photo 4 iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

Photo 2 iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

Photo 3 iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

Photo iPhone 5S Coque Chassis Or

The site has also posted images of what claim to be the proximity sensor, dock charging assembly, loudspeaker and vibrator motor of the iPhone 5S. What do you think? Is this the gold iPhone we’ve all been…waiting for?


  • K3

    Well I’ve had mine for about a week now but I had to return it, it turns out that when you hold something big and gold up to your ear in public it tends to get scratches very easily. ????

    This actually mind be interesting..just pictured the combination of iOS7 on it.

  • Guest

    Looks good. Great way to differenciate a product for the new 128GB customers. Would be a big hit in the elite circles in Africa, India, China and Middle East.

  • Simon B

    I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s a little too flashy. Will definitely attract more attention to yourself when using it in public and with people getting their iPhones snatched right and left, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

  • Chrome262

    Never was a fan of gold, even my wedding ring is white gold. Now platinum that would rock lol. Or silver, you know, like their whole macbook line, that would make more sense.

  • Matt

    That’s what I told a buddy of mine. Platinum would be a cool “status symbol colour” for a new 128GB model but not gold. I would be surprised if a gold iPhone ever made it to the North American market or even the world.

  • Matt

    Oh the Asian and Middle Eastern countries would eat that sh*t up. They seem to really like to flash their cash around like it’s nobody’s business.

  • MapleHoney

    I feel like a gangster holding this new iPhone. Bling Bling.

  • Shameer Mulji

    That’s because they have cash.

  • Matt

    We have cash here I just think that people here are slightly more modest when it comes to money.