Place Ste-Foy Apple Store Opening Soon in Quebec City


Apple is slowly expanding its Apple Store locations across Canada. Here in Vancouver we are lucky to have three locations. In Quebec, their fourth store is under construction and is slated to open soon in mid-November, at Place Ste-Foy, according to an article from

Le géant informatique Apple ouvrira finalement sa première boutique Apple Store dans la capitale à Place Ste-Foy le mois prochain. «On parle assurément de la mi-novembre», a fait savoir hier au Soleil une source bien au fait du dossier.

Google Translate: The computer giant Apple finally open its first Apple Store in the capital at Place Ste-Foy next month. “We certainly talk about mid-November, said yesterday at Sun a source familiar with the matter. reader Mathieu G. was keen enough to send in some on the ground photos of the Apple Store’s progress:

As with any other Apple Store opening, the first 1000 visitors will get a free tshirt. Anyone going to start lining up…today?



  • Vinnie

    Hey Apple, we’d like a few apple stores here in the Maritimes also!!!

  • Dominator

    Apparently there is a legal battle for Apple to operate in Quebec using the name Pomme instead.

    Pomme being the French word for Apple.

    Recently, a Quebec radio DJ asked Jobs if that was true. Job’s answer? Oui!

  • Mr. Speedy


  • Otaillon

    I might be there to pick up a shirt! 😀

  • Pommelgaie

    Can’t wait! Probably won’t start lining up until a little closer to the opening date though…lol

  • Send us some pics!

  • Remsad

    J’ai bien hâte que ça ouvfre enfin!