Spotify Premium Now Lets You Stream to Sonos Speakers



Spotify Premium users can now control their Sonos straight from the Spotify app using the new ‘Spotify Connect’. Users can also access the multiroom power of the Sonos home sound system directly in the Spotify app. “We’ve brought out the best of both worlds to give you the smartest and most seamless home sound system yet”.

All together now.

Having guests join the party is a snap. Visiting friends can now play music on your Sonos system straight from Spotify. Build the playlist together, trade off DJ duties, and add individual tracks to the soundtrack, all from Spotify. Hosting the perfect playlist potluck just became as simple as getting the right friends over to your place.

Discover. Out loud.

Now you have all the power of Sonos all over your home directly through Spotify. Crank up the volume in every room of your home with easy access to grouping and ungrouping from the Spotify app. Pick a song, pick a room, and start playing.

With Spotify Connect, you can control your sound system from the same place as your mobile soundtrack, so you can go straight from playing on your headphones to listening out loud with a simple tap. You can control the music from any phone or tablet, using your choice of either the Spotify or Sonos app. has $50 off Sonos speakers right now for a limited time.


  • Chrome262

    Yeah, so expensive service, lets me send music to a very expensive device. J/K although Sonos is expensive

  • Corrode

    Hopefully Apple Music is next.

  • Agreed it ain’t cheap!

  • Corrode

    Obviously I’m speaking about the ability to stream directly to Sonos from the Apple Music app, unless you didn’t read your own article. 😉

  • Jason

    I was going to buy the Sonos sound bar but bought the Bose sound touch 300 instead. It has HDMI in and out plus allows 4k and UHD sound output. I have a 4k TV plus Telus 4k receiver and an xbox one s with 4k. This is where the Sonos lacks at this time. The Bose was the same price, $900, and the sound is awesome. The Bose app is great but still lacks apple music integration but quickly plays through bluetooth.