29% of Canadian Pokemon GO Users Admit Game “Taking Over Their Lives”: Ipsos


According to a recent Global News Ipsos poll, 29% of Canadian Pokemon GO players have admitted the game is “taking over their lives.”

The poll data showed the same percentage of people skipping out on their regular daily routines (such as working out), to get their Pokemon on. Meanwhile, people in the age bracket of 18 to 34 have downloaded the game the most, followed by 13 to 17 year olds, a sign the game is not just for kids, but for those seeking nostalgia.

Despite the addiction to the game, some players have racked up many kilometres in walking, a critical element of the augmented reality-based game, which has taken the world by storm.

Sean Simpson, vice president of public affairs for Ipsos Canada, said “For example, the average person who has downloaded the app has walked about 13 kilometres, three quarters have met other people who are playing Pokemon Go and two thirds have discovered a new part of their city.”

He was skeptical of Pokemon GO replacing actual workouts, especially for those sitting at Pokestops with their heads buried into their phones. However, those “walking your five kilometres to hatch your eggs then that’s not bad.”

Ipso’s says 23% of men have downloaded the game versus 16% of women, with males playing on average 2.2 hours versus 1.6 hours per day by women.

As for the 66% of those who have admitted to finding new parts of the city? Simpson said “Now, whether they are able to enjoy their new surrounding is the big question.”

The poll was conducted between July 20-25 from a sample of 1,100 Canadians.

How often do you play Pokemon GO? If you have a portable battery pack, that means you’re hooked.


  • I wouldn’t say it’s changing our lives, but more how we do things.
    We’ve been taking more walks to the park with our son Alex almost everyday. He absolutely loves it of course, but it definitely helping us get out a little more than we use to.

  • Samuel Coleman

    I removed the game and links to my google account several days ago… I usually test various apps the delete after a week or two… Pokemon Go lasted only 4 or 5 days. The final straw was when I rose my bike through a park in Canada and also in the USA and seen many many many mindless zombie Pokemon players (a hundred at least); the next morning Pokemon Go Bye-Bye.{I am sure the cell phone carriers will be pleased with the app through many people probably having overages due to GPS usage, and Apple for in app purchases, also Chiropractors for all the hunch neck problems}

  • Biggy204

    I swear this site has turned into “PokemonGoInCanada” rather than iphoneincanada. As all news as of late is Pokemon Go related.