Calgary Police Getting More Creative In Catching Distracted Drivers


According to Calgary police, fewer tickets are being written for distracted driving this year. While this is good news, it is not due to drivers texting less while driving, says a new report from CBC.


Calgary officers have issued more than 300 tickets in the traffic section alone, according Staff Sgt. Paul Stacey. “We’re kidding ourselves if we think that problem is going away, it’s not going away at all,” he said.

In an effort to crack down on the epidemic, Calgary police ran a sting to help catch offending drivers. When an offending driver was spotted from a pedestrian bridge, officers used radios to contact squad cars, which then pulled the car over.

According to the police, the operation pulled in more than 30 tickets in an hour.

Staff Sgt. Stacey said that as drivers are getting more creative at hiding their cellphones while driving, police are having to do the same to catch them. “We’ve had to put a bit more effort into catching them because they typically don’t have their phones in front of their faces, but we’re still catching them” he said.

Daniel Grab, a Calgary resident, says that while he tries his best not to break the law, he has methods of keeping his phone hidden from the police. “I drive a car, so I got to be more mindful, but people in these big old trucks that you see driving around, they can get away with whatever and that’s a danger,” he said.



  • Distracted? Nope.

    How many of us have been following a vehicle only to see it slowly veer to the right and almost onto the curb before the driver looked up to see that he or she was almost off the road?

    Increase the fines/penalties for distracted driving. It is just as dangerous as driving while drunk. A dead person is still dead regardless of whether it was drunk driving or distracted driving.