Poll: Are You Going to Buy iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?


With pre-orders set to kick off this Friday, September 12, many are trying to decide whether to order the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 or 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

I know what you did today—you printed this real-life cut out and started making size comparisons in the hand to your existing iPhone. How do I know this? Because I did the same darn thing!





After holding the iPhone 6 Plus cutout (which was taped to the back of a pizza box—thanks Mariner Pizza), the first impression was holy crap is this thing huge. Of course, the experience with the actual iPhone will probably win me over compared to a paper cutout. But one thing is for sure—all you hipsters will have to throw out your skinny jeans because this thing won’t fit in your pocket.

Also, this page on Apple’s website provides a visual comparison tool which lets you see how your existing device stacks up against the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (if you’re coming from the 4s, it’s going to be a huge difference):

Screenshot 2014 09 10 15 38 16

Poll: Are You Going to Buy iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? 

Take our poll below—which model and capacity will you pre-order on Friday or buy on September 19? You can check out our iPhone 6 contract pricing predictions here.


  • bob

    how can I block the ICanada pop-ups? I have block pop-ups set in my browser

  • Nicolas

    I’ll probably take the 6-Plus 16 GB as I am rather poor at the moment and can’t justify 100$ more.

  • Kellie Inkster

    I can’t select the picture to play around with the different sizes!

  • kennymatic

    To settle with only 16GB on a phone with a camera that good would be tragic.

  • Nicolas

    Well i’ll just back up my photos every 2000 photos

  • Horacio A. Coronel

    I wish Apple had a 32GB entry iPhone 6 plus (instead of 16GB). I don’t want to spend $100+ for 64GB, but I feel I don’t have a choice. I take a lot of pictures, and 16GB won’t be enough.

  • Al

    Perhaps it’s my age, but the one thing I have learned over the past few decades… You can never have enough space. With improvements and new features, pictures and video can become huge. Games will become bigger. Etc. If you are a reasonably adventurous iPhone user, 64GB will likely NOT be enough. 16GB is silly, unless you are just the type of person that needs some sort of phone to mostly do just “phone stuff”.

  • Rio

    I think it is definitely possible. Every time I turn on my laptop all pictures are downloaded from photo stream and then they are deleted right from my phone.

  • Rio

    I am torn between the two. I think the 5.5 will be a little to big but I want those landscape apps 😛

  • Parksy

    I’d like the 5.5″ but I’m leaning towards the 4.7″. I’m starting to think the 5.5″ will be too big.

  • daftchemist

    I fit a galaxy note in my pocket of my skinny pants its doable ;).

  • keny

    jailbreak !!!

  • Anon

    The best bang for the buck is always the TOP model – and that’s what I have always purchased – it also holds the best value when you sell it – just sold iPhone 5s gold 64gb for 650 CDN – that’s an awesome price point!

  • Haha thanks for proving me wrong 😉

  • OliChabot

    I personnaly would have loved Apple to ditch the 16GB model for the 32GB standard. But I guess it will happen on the iPhone 6S with a new 12MPX camera, and 32GB standard to justify that. Still, I create smart playlists on iTunes and save over 2GB of music just by syncing the ones I listened more than 10 times. And I put many photos on the Cloud, so less space. At the moment, my 16GB iPhone 5S has 2,32GB left, that’s good !
    I am still scared that 16GB won’t be enough for the next two years, but paying 110$ more for 48GB is silly to me…

  • Riddlemethis

    It seems almost everyone I talked to, and I talked to many are less than impressed with the 6 and 6 Pro. The most common comment is that the phone is pretty much the same as the 5S with a few minor improvements including the pay thing and a larger screen.

    The consensus is if you have a issues with your 4 or 4S, then consider upgrading otherwise, wait it out for the iPhone 7 which is what I will do….actually, I am thinking of 7S if my 5 can tough it out or I don’t cave in and get the Samsung Note 4 or Note 5 in the mean time.

    Additionally, do we have any info on the iPhone Reservation Pass process?

  • Riddlemethis

    Good luck with that. We dont even have an untethered JB for 7.1.2

  • Riddlemethis

    Agreed, 16 GB is simply not sufficient in this day.

  • Riddlemethis

    if you’re poor, maybe you shouldn’t be getting an iphone? lol

  • Riddlemethis

    BTW, anyone have the 411 on how much RAM the 6 and 6 Pro will have? 1 GB, 2GB, or 3GB?

  • Fireeast

    Its not earth shattering, they are finally comparable to the market. I’m waiting.

  • Al

    Is it sillier to have a half decent $110 dinner with your girlfriend, which will last a couple of hours, or to spend it on something that will be utilized several hundred times more than that?

  • OliChabot

    Just to be clear, people who will buy the 64GB are not silly to me, what it silly is that Apple charges this much for something that cost him 5$, and that he is clearly aware that more and more people need more storage space.

  • Al

    Ok, so pretending your totally uninformed opinion is correct, you want Apple to give stuff away at cost? You want the other companies in the supplier chain to not have a markup so they can make their oration of profit to stay in business? You think that the $80 thumb drives at Staples should be sold for $5?

    Is that what you’re saying?

  • bbbwww

    Get lost loser.

  • sukisszoze

    I think there will be an initial shock on the size of getting a big screen TV for the first time. You won’t notice the size difference after a few days or so.

  • ChrisShield5

    He’s 100% right Al. The price of memory is cheap. It’s also not made by Apple, and doesn’t require any design changes to incorporate. The amount Apple charges for upgrades in memory (in all of it’s devices) is so far beyond the industry standard. Also, 16GB is unacceptable for a flagship phone in 2014. The original iPhone had a 16GB version. Competitors offer SD slots where you can go 128GB for very low cost. The 5C only comes in a 8GB model now, wtf is that. iPod Shuffle is still 2GB (after I don’t know how many years).

    Point is, Apple is way behind on the memory standard, and people have a right to complain about that.

    Also, a lot of the flash drives from Staples ARE sold for way less elsewhere (like NCIX). They make a lot of money from high margin items like memory upgrades, warranties etc. I worked selling computers back in high school, at a large retail chain and I can tell you for sure that a lot of items are sold for insane margins (usually optional items).

  • Kevin L

    I’m always 1 generation behind buying technology such as iPhones and TV (1080p vs 4k)…
    So when I do get to the iphone I will get the 6, and only need 16gb cause I don’t put any movies or music on my phone.

  • Kevin L

    Al doesn’t have a girlfriend and is frustrated cause he spends $100 for a hj from his meth head sister.

  • I can’t wait for my pants pockets to be put to the test.

  • Chris

    While I don’t plan on upgrading just yet, as I currently have a 5S. I may wait to see what the Black Friday sales or Christmas/Boxing day sales have in store. Did that last year. Picked up my 16GB Gold 5S for $50 on the Boxing day sales at Futureshop.

  • Those are definitely some of the best times to get a new iPhone on discount.

  • Shameer Mulji

    From what I’ve been reading it has 1GB. But iFixit and Chipworks usually do teardowns shortly after release so we’ll have to wait till then for a more accurate answer.

  • ticky13

    I have no problem owning the 16GB. All images are stored on Dropbox, so I can view them that way instead of keeping hundreds on my device.

  • visitor

    Do you not know some place called google for JB 7.1.2?

  • bspence88

    What is with you Al? You have something negative to say on every single iPhoneinCanada post. Every single time you have some smart-ass remark putting someone or something down. Get out of here and stop trying to make people feel like garbage.

  • Parksy

    If you are going to spend $859 on a phone, what’s $100 more?

  • Al

    So – It’s ok for someone to blab something that is clearly wrong or very poorly thought out, and declare it as fact. But it’s not ok for someone to correct them and/or chastise them for misrepresenting the facts. Is that what you are saying?

  • Al

    I provide intelligent arguments. What have you provided?

    I work on a floor in an office building that is nothing but software developers. I am one of the key people that others go to when they have technical questions of any sort. So, yes… I AM a tech guru. Deal with it.

    So fuck you and the tricycle you road in on.

  • To everybody: Can’t we all just get along? Let’s talk more iPhone 6, yo

  • bspence88

    no, I’m just saying you’re a negative person and like to put down people all the time.
    I could start a blog with pages of screen shots of all the things you say in poor taste. Nothing positive has ever come from your posts. Ever. You’re sure creating a reputation for yourself hiding behind a Simpson’s character and all. Also weren’t you the one who said the word iPhone 6 Plus is cheesy and Apple would be more inclined to use a word like Grande. You sure do know your stuff, wise man.

  • leafstom

    Without a doubt, I would choose Plus.

    Going to enjoy that bigger screen.

  • hub2

    Guessing that for Nicolas it won’t be $859 up front and unlocked, but $359 on contract. Even if *long term* he pays more due to carrier subsidy, a $100 bump would be a significant price increase in up-front cost for contract price.

  • hub2

    “Is that an iPhone 6+ in your pocket or are you glad to… wait a minute, an iPhone 6+ wouldn’t fit in your pocket!”

    Busted! 🙂

  • djepsilon

    Your statement exemplifies exactly why they did it. They just up-sold you without even talking to you!

  • Oh, snap!


  • djepsilon

    I used to get into it myself with Al all the time. I have since come to appreciated his… Al-ness. You will love him one day too. Every message board needs an Al.

  • Al

    Re the nature of my comments… You clearly haven’t read everything. Ignore my posts and don’t say anything incredibly stupid, and you’ll never have to deal with me.

    Re the “grande”… I said I was joking. But many agree that “plus” is a poor name choice.

  • George

    I’ll take the 128G original iPhone or 3G form factor, with 3.5″ display. (And all the tech improvements as well)

    I didn’t want a bigger screen, never mind a bigger screen with the option of an even bigger screen. I wanted something that’s still phone size. But with 128G of storage

  • The original and 3G form factor felt great in the hand. Nice and compact.

  • George

    The new ones are rounded like the classic iPhones, I like that. Looking forward to see how they feel in the hand, but I think they are too big.

  • STFU

    Ok Dumb a$$, do you even have a job to talk about IMU and $hit?

  • Kevin L

    Great point.

  • Kevin L

    You work at Radio Shack.

  • Kevin L

    So does every graveyard.

  • Steve W

    God damn Mariners Pizza. Love that place too Gary!

  • No way! Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Jay’s Special is the bomb.

  • OliChabot

    Well thanks everyone for taking my «side», if a «side» ever needed to be taken. Of course Apple wants to make profit, but now it is really getting on everybody’s nerve because there is limits. I will buy the iPhone 6 in 16GB just not to encourage the fact that Apple clearly knows people wants 32GB, and that’s why they decided to ditch it for the 6. They know people who would want 32GB will now take a 64GB just to be sure, but if they would have put the 32GB has the standats model, they know people would not have pay for the 64GB version. So I find this shady, altough I like Apple. The bad thing is that Apple KNOWS they don’t offer the option to put a memory card, so that’s why we are screwed.

    To Al : Yes, try to stop with the harsh comments. My post wasn’t addressed to you and you certainly made it a big deal out of nothing. I don’t even want to argue with the fact that I always see you trying to dismiss everyone’S opinion and you certainly should find another passtime.