New Poll Shows Only 7% of iPhone Buyers Intend to Buy the Apple Watch


According to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, only 7% of US iPhone owners recently surveyed by him said that they intend to buy the upcoming Apple Watch. The analyst notes that the number is down from 8% this past September and 10% in September last year, CNET is reporting.


Munster also said in his recently released investors note that 34% of the 386 customers waiting in line to buy the iPhone 6 three months had back expressed an interest in buying the Apple Watch. However, he pegged that them as “early adopters” and not truly representative of the entire iPhone population. Now, Muster believes that the “muted” response to the watch so far is the result of consumers still awaiting more information about the product.

What is the watch’s killer feature? What apps will be available for the device? The analyst expects Apple to answer these and other questions as we approach the launch of the watch, thereby increasing consumer interest and demand. “As we get closer to launch of the Watch, which we expect in the Jun-15 quarter, we believe that Apple will begin to highlight more functionality of the product as well as third-party apps, which we note were what eventually helped the iPhone accelerate in adoption,” Munster said.

At the same time, Munster says that once Apple shares more details about its watch, the first-year sales of the device will be modest, adding around 2% to Apple’s revenue for 2015.


  • Tim

    There is no killer feature yet. It’s all novelty since it doesn’t solve any real problems when you have a better, more useable display in your pocket.

  • Jake

    Only? that’s a decent start… 7% of all iPhone owners in the US would be 4,381,146 People. Then once people start trying it, then more people will buy. The key with the watch is the developers that make that killer app for it. It’s also not about the first version… like the iPhone, it’s about the capabilities it will get in the versions that will come.

  • xxxJDxxx

    I plan to skip it

  • Kirk

    Guess I’m part of that 7%.

  • BrodieTheDog

    I have no real interest in this either other than for its health monitoring capabilitys. Even then there is many other options already on the market. I don’t need to be able to answer my phone on my wrist. To me its a glorified Casio calculator watch from years ago.

  • K3

    Isn’t it priced at $300 + ?

  • Crosseyedmofo

    not that im getting one… but thats cheaper than most descent watches

  • none

    It’s big, and ugly, and has the control knob way over on the wrong side, instead of in the middle (bottom or top) where anyone left or right handed can reach it.

  • none

    Most decent watches? $300 costs more than 10 times what a decent watch (one that will tell reliable time, and won’t die in the shower) costs.

    And the iWatch will do one of these: tell reliable time. It will die in the shower.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    okay well cheapy mc cheapo pants, most descent watches start at $500