Apple Airs New Portrait Mode Ads for iPhone 7 Plus: ‘Raconteur’ and ‘Alley’ [VIDEOS]


Apple has just aired a couple new ads showcasing Portrait mode in the iPhone 7 Plus, continuing its series of 15-second shorts detailing the feature, which blurs backgrounds for a bokeh effect normally seen on DSLRs.

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Alley: When you shoot in Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, it softens the background. That’s the difference between an alley and a quaint little side street.

Raconteur: When you shoot in Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, your subject stands out from the background. And just like that, your grandfather becomes a raconteur.

Earlier this afternoon, Apple aired new “One Night” ads for iPhone 7, showing off the latter’s low light photography capabilities. These 15-second shorts are very effective in showing off features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cameras.


  • Jay

    Seems like they are banking a lot on this “feature” that could have probably been accomplished by a 0.99$ app in the app store 5 years ago

    I dont know much about android but I assume they’ve probably had this “feature” for years