Possible iPhone 5S Front Camera Image Leak


After getting images of supposed components of the iPhone 5S, here is more: Moumantai, which has been a good source for these component leaks, has posted images of what suspects could be the iPhone 5S front camera.

The French site has put together a comparative photo collage showing the leaked iPhone 5S component compared to iPhone 5 front camera obtained from eTrade Supply. As you can see on the image, the alleged iPhone 5S part is marked with 821-1613-05, compared to 921-0289-05, the number of the iPhone 5 component.


An interesting side note, though: after searching through iFixit for an iPhone 5 front camera, I got this component, which is marked with 821-1449-A.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 4.39.41 PM

So, in the end, we can assume this is a component of the eagerly awaited iPhone 5S, but what is certain is that this camera component is designed for an iPhone. It remains to be seen whether it will turn up on the iPhone 5S or maybe the budget iPhone?

Moumantai has also posted images of a mystery iPad component, but neither the part reseller nor the French site managed to identify the piece.


I think it is safe to say that the leaked components indicate we can expect an internal design change with the arrival of the iPhone 5S.


  • Farids

    I believe we will see a huge change. Starting with the next iPhone, or maybe the one after. Most likely for the next iPhone. I won’t be surprised if Apple ditched the 5S title and went straight to 6, or even called it something completely new: like “iPhone X”. I believe all of Apple’s recent shortcomings(lack of innovation, maps, letters of apology, unhappy team members and executives, etc. ) are going to be blamed on the previous departed iOS team(Scott Forestall and the 3-4 of his lead engineer underlings that left with him). Considering all the negative news and rumors, Apple has and will use the perfect getaway excuse: Jonny Ive will design this amazing out of world phone and couple it with an iOS version filled with new tools, widgets and things we can’t even imagine to make a statement: we are the best and can do things no one else can and the reason we’ve been lagging in the past 2-3 years, has already left the company, so we are back on the lead. I may of course be completely wrong, but I certainly hope I’m right. I really look forward to see Apple back, as the company that defined what smart devices should be like.

  • WatDaPhuck

    Loyalty and optimistic. Things we lack in our society nowadays.