Predictions for Apple’s iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Event


Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone event is set to start in under two hours. Here’s a quick recap of what we expect the company to announce today, based on rumours we’ve seen to date. These are just last minute predictions, also known as our own ‘event Bingo’, so don’t hold anything against if you see something you don’t agree with.

First, as expected, Tim Cook will come on stage and talk numbers, new stores and most likely yet another promo video of a store opening.

Screen Shot 2013 09 10 at 8 09 47 AM

Image via i0livier on Instagram

Phil Schiller will come up on stage next and announce the iPhone 5S:

  • A7 chip; 1GB of RAM
  • 8MP camera with f/2.0 aperture; dual-LED flash
  • Fingerprint sensor dubbed “Touch ID Sensor”
  • New colours: gold/champagne, ‘space tray’
  • 128GB capacity
  • Price: 16GB starting at $649 ($699 in Canada), 32GB for $749, 64GB for $849, 128GB for $949
  • Wildcard: LTE-Advanced, 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Pre-orders: Friday, September 13 (Canada will again be part of the first wave)
  • Availability: Friday, September 20

…and the iPhone 5C (iPhone 5 specs):

  • A6 chip; 1GB of RAM
  • 8MP camera with f/2.4 (wildcard: 5MP camera from the iPod touch says Istvan)
  • Plastic back in 5 colours in white, yellow, green, red, blue
  • 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities
  • Price prediction: 16GB starting at $429 outright; $99 on contract
  • International iPhone deals: China Mobile, Japan’s DoCoMo; wildcard: Eastlink in Canada (thanks Cole)
  • Pre-orders: Friday, September 13 (Canada to be part of the first wave)
  • Availability: Friday, September 20

Other event predictions:

  • Apple TV will get iOS 7 software, demo of iTunes Radio.
  • Apple will also announce the public release of iOS 7 for September 20. Developers will get access to the golden master release today.
  • We’ll see a launch date for OS X Mavericks (to coincide with the new Mac Pro) and iTunes Radio.
  • Mac Pro launch date in October (or to coincide with new iPads expected later)
  • iPad, iPad mini: nothing today aside from numbers
  • Wildcard: Steve Jobs hologram on stage (okay, not really, but it would be amazing)

Of course, expectations are pre-meditated resentment, so cast them aside and just wait to see what Apple announces in about an hour and 30 minutes. What did we miss out?

What are you predictions for today for the event? Share them below in the comments!


  • rizulli

    Any word on if there will be a live stream?

  • Joker Eh

    I think there will be NO mention of the 5C as there is an event in China tomorrow. I don’t think the 5C is slated for North America it just makes no sense to me. I think it is more for China, India and other countries

  • Will there be a “one more thing…” this time around?

  • The event in China was noted by AllThingsD as a replay of today’s event. The start time for the event in China is this evening Cupertino time. I would suspect Apple would give China some love on stage at Cupertino to ‘give face’ to the country.

  • Nothing yet…

  • Yes. iBank. It is to setup automatic withdrawals linked to your bank accounts for today’s product launches.

  • Kellie

    Man! A hologram would have been awesome!

  • Salvador

    If Apple really added finger print reader, it will not be for just unlocking the phone. It will be some retail solution (in the style of PassBook) attached to iTunes account to allow easy buys. Let’s say, scan a product bar code with the camera while your finger is on the finger print scanner and the product will be charged automatically into user’s iTunes account. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s just making wide available for all kind of retailers the same technology Apple is already using (except for the finger print scanner) in the Apple Store: take the produnct from the shelves, scan de bar code, type your iTunes password and go home without lining up to pay.

  • Chrome262

    wondering about T-mobile and Wind support. I expect them selling at T-mobile. Want to switch to wind, but I have the iphone 5 right before the switch to the spectrum support for Wind. I could save 50% if I go with Wind in Feb. but I don’t want to buy two new phones. Hummm maybe I could use my fido dollars right before I bail on them lol

  • Chrome262

    Paypal kind of does that know, but its limited. I can see what you are saying, better than NFC, as that is kind of hackable.

  • Chrome262

    You got what you wanted, tied to iTunes