Apple Sends Out Press Invites for 2016 WWDC

Apple’s annual conference for developers, known as WWDC, is set to kick off on June 13 at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, confirming what we all expected, in event invites sent out to the press (via Tech Insider).

Last month, Apple announced WWDC and launched a ticket lottery application for developers, priced at $1599 USD, confirming dates of June 13-17, but no details about the keynote time. Apple will again livestream the WWDC keynote, just like last year, allowing those on iOS devices and PC users with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 to view the show.

What can we expect from WWDC? The latest rumours claim major improvements are coming for Siri, including support for Mac users, plus the renaming of OS X to MacOS, to align with its other operating systems, plus a possible redesign of Apple Music.

Last year, we saw the introduction of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, but no new hardware announcements.

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  • Riley Freeman

    whens the watch refresh? Not buying an apple watch until there’s a camera in it

  • Kirk

    A camera might sound like a cool concept but I fail to recognize the practicality envolved in it. I mean. How would one even use a view finder? How would you even hold your hand to take pictures? So it doesn’t make much sense. Personally I think adding a camera is no bueno. Using the watch as a view finder sync to your iPhone like what the current Apple Watch allows makes more sense to me. But to each their own. The next watch needs to have a faster processor and overall, other ways to connect without your iPhone. personally for me I would like to see even more advanced fitness capability and software. It’s still possible to do that with my current apple watch which I still love however so guess we will see

  • Riley Freeman

    Friend has one and I see where it comes in handy. His is android of course. Never cared for a watch until I saw the convenience of it and that’s only the camera.

  • Kirk

    Now I’m curious. 🙂 how does it work? Does the lens pop up? Where’s the view finder? I look at my Apple Watch and still don’t get that lol. Yeah to each their own I guess.