‘Price is Right’ Contestants Think Apple’s iPhone 6 Costs $7,500


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The popular game show “The Price is Right” has aired a New Years edition where contestants are asked about the price of an iPhone 6. You will be shocked when you hear the first two contestants’ guesses.

The full product being showcased was a 16GB iPhone 6 with a one year plan that includes unlimited talk and text and 4GB of data. The first contestant guessed $7,500, which seems a little steep even for Apple’s premium products. The second contestant guessed $7,501.

The third and fourth contestants guessed more respectable answers at $850 and $930, respectively. After all the contestants said their guesses, game show host Drew Carey said:

“I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this.”

The actual retail price of the package was $1,969, but this is because of the one-year cellular plan that was included in the package.

It would be interesting to know if this video made a few of Apple’s marketing executives question the cost of the iPhone. It appears as though Apple could get away with charging a lot more for their flagship device.

[via CNET]


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  • Matt

    Makes you look pretty dumb, as clearly, the price is for the phone plus one year of phone plan. What a misleading title

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  • Tim

    you know, I bet those two would actually pay $7500 and $7501 for a 16GB iPhone and 1 year service.

  • Crosseyedmofo

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  • FragilityG4

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  • xxxJDxxx

    LOL @ the assertion that this made Apple executives question their pricing. As if they haven’t researched it beyond the level of what some idiot on the Price is Right thinks.