Photographer Puts the iPhone 8 Plus Camera to Test in San Francisco


Senior photographer James Martin set out on an adventure in and around San Francisco to capture the city’s architecture, landmarks and natural beauty, using the new 12-megapixel iPhone 8 Plus camera, and more than 2,000 photos later, he was super impressed (via CNET). Martin tested a range of lighting conditions, photography modes and filters, capturing colour and texture in stunning detail.


The iPhone 8 Plus boasts a powerful new image signal processor, which produces photos with better sharpness, less noise, and richer colors and textures. Martin says the new A11 Bionic chip allows Apple “to push the limits of computational photography, overcoming the hardware limitations of small sensors and small lenses”, in order to produce images that are extraordinary by smartphone standards.

“I boated on San Francisco Bay, fished on Ocean Beach, biked around Angel Island and walked through Chinatown with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 8 Plus in hand. More than 2,000 photos later, I feel like I have a good sense of what this new camera can do. I’m definitely impressed. 

The most dramatic and noticeable effect is the quality of textures, down to the most minute scale. The details of textures in this image of a saxophone player in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco jump out of the photograph. You see the fine etchings on the instrument on the right hand side, the wrinkles in the skin of his hand and the individual threads of his suit jacket.”

Check out some of the best shots taken by Martin using the iPhone 8 Plus, and don’t forget share your thoughts in the comments section.


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  • Riddlemethis

    Another paid endorsement to promote the iPhone…

    If the iPhone camera had an f 1.7 aperture, then the a lot of this software manipulation won’t be necessary. Even so, it can’t achieve the same low light performance without a faster lens.

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  • Quattro

    Zoom in and check out the pixilation in the gradiated colours (blue sky & pink wall). That’s just nasty compression going on there. I don’t know if the original is like that though.

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