Prototype Handler Commits Suicide Over Missing iPhone


A 25-year old employee at Foxconn supposedly committed suicide last week. For those of you who don’t know, Foxconn is the manufacturer responsible for developing Apple iPhone concepts or next gen prototypes and this particular employee was the guy responsible for keeping 16 iPhone prototypes in a safe place, away from prying eyes.

Supposedly, when he realized that a 4th gen iPhone prototype he was responsible for had been taken, he decided to take his own life. Apple released a statement saying that they are “saddened by the tragic loss of this young employee, and we are awaiting results of the investigations into his death. We require our suppliers to treat all workers with dignity and respect.”

Rumors are starting to circulate that the employee was harassed and possibly physically abused by other Foxconn employees, however, these reports are unconfirmed.

Engadget seems to think that the recent iPhone prototype sold on eBay could be the missing unit in question, although it is not a 4th gen iPhone

[Christopher Aceto]


  • Dusty

    Crazy ppl, it's just a phone…

  • charvel

    I'd have killed for a job like that

  • Happy

    Sad there would be so much pressure about a 'thing'….

  • Stagg

    feel sorry for the guy and the missing iphone..

  • Tony

    who gives a care in the world about some missing phone, a 25 year old man took his own life because of pressure that was put on him.

  • sporadik

    I hope it wasn't over the phone, if it is then WTF why did u listen to Simple Plan in the first place fucking emo kids. Either way it's very sad when a young person takes their own life. The question now is which rival company has it. I do live in Blackberry city (KW) so I'm gonna ask around and bug some friends.

  • charvel

    And I've heard working for RIM is a job to die for too.

  • charvel

    And I've heard working for RIM is a job to die for too.

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