Apple Launches Public Beta for iOS 11 [u]


Apple has launched public beta for iOS 11. This means members of the public can enroll in the free program to install beta versions on their iOS devices, like developers.

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It’s strongly suggested to not install these public betas on your main devices, due to bugs and other unknown issues that may occur with beta installs.

If you’re keen on signing up and helping Apple test iOS 11, click here to sign up when it becomes available. Users who test public betas can provide feedback to Apple use the Feedback Assistant app.

Update: iOS 11 public beta is **officially** not out yet we’re told, but will be coming soon. We’ve updated our article to reflect this change.

Update June 27: iOS 11 public beta is now available, officially.


  • colin

    MacOS High Sierra is NOT a public Beta yet btw.

  • Steven Krysko

    Odd I’m seeing the public beta in software update.

  • Steve Wright

    Oh booooo! First you give and now you take away! ????

  • When it was first announced earlier, some people were able to install it. But now, the “official” word is it’s not out yet, but will be coming soon. So we updated our story to reflect accuracy for y’all

  • Mark Wilson

    I’ve just downloaded it. Public Beta contains the Apple News App for Canada.

  • David

    I have the News app on my Public Beta. My region is set to Canada. News sources are all American. Will probably revert back to iOS 10 until the next major beta is out – this one is still really buggy to have on my main device. Yes, I know they warn against using it on a main device – but I take the risk.

  • David

    Are all your news sources American? Mine are.

  • FragilityG4

    It is available. I had to go to the beta page and download a new profile but it shows ready to download. Going to do it after the kids go to sleep.

  • David

    Update – News app seems to have disappeared.

  • Bleep Bloop
  • Same with mine. Set it all up but it disappeared.

  • Dansk

    Downloaded on my iPad Pro working amazingly! Gonna hold off on the iPhone download as it seems way too buggy! News app is working on the iPad!

  • Mark Wilson

    It had the Globe and Mail so it looks as though apple is readying it for a Canadian launch. All the other content was US based.

  • raslucas

    This might be the funniest Siri “error” yet.

  • raslucas

    Ran into problems switching back. Resolved by switching to an intermediary OS, like 10.3.3 beta or some other one, before switching back to 10.3.2… It’s got some really cool stuff in there though…. Betas have logging set to on so they are really slow.