‘Purple Haze’ Is Not Exclusive To iPhone Camera, Androids Also Have It [Consumer Reports]


When users began complaining about a ‘purple lens flare’ in photos taken with their iPhone 5?s camera, Apple responded with an official statement, explaining how the phenomenon is not exclusive to iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 cameras. Now, Consumer Reports has echoed Apple’s claims confirming that the iPhone 5 camera is not the only one that yields lens flare but also the latest devices running Google Android are susceptible to it, reports the Apple Insider.

Consumer Reports details how all camera lenses, even those made for expensive SLRs, can show lens flare. The report adds that how much flare appears in an image depends on how you orient the lens, which is exactly what Apple’s statement said. In fact, Apple also explained how to avoid it, “moving the camera slightly to change the position at which the bright light is entering the lensshould minimize or eliminate the effect”.

The consumer advocacy group did a number of tests with smartphone cameras proving that iPhone 5 is no more susceptible to lens flare than other smartphone-based cameras:

“Comparable issues with smartphone cameras were found with the iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S III, and the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. All of the devices were tested under the same conditions in Consumer Reports’ labs.

Their tests found that the haze captured by smartphone cameras was sometimes purple, while other times it was a different color. In some tests, the flare formed on images as a rainbow of colors”.

Though this isn’t something that affects most photos, a quick tip to minimize the purple haze is by using a hand to shield the phone’s camera lens when shooting in direct sunlight.


  • crosseyed_mofo

    so if im reading this right, taking pictures of the sun (which is why i bought an iphone in the first place) isnt suggested?

  • JH

    You definitely read it wrong. The point of the article is that there is no issue since even the “mighty” Samsung Galaxy S 3 exhibits the same behaviour.

  • crosseyed_mofo

  • Randy Ritraj

    Lol. Where’s the “whoosh” sound when you need one…

  • biggy

    Nope, it is saying all camera’s have lens flares in certain situations. If your photos are showing these flares change the angle slightly or add in a shade to fix it.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    this is bs

    what good is an iphone if you cant photograph the sun?

  • 313photography

    Omg stop putting article like that, well I have the gs3 and I have a canon 60d and I don’t have this issue so plz stop putting article who accuse other devices to say that apple is the best, and you even didn’t try the gs3 to say that I try it and it didn’t do like that so stop accusing other companies and do tricks to put apple iphne in the first place, and apple iphone is not a good phone just say it’s not a big issue, and omg,it has a loot of problem so I hope someone will write an article who shows all negative things found in the iPhone,and don’t blame other companies just because iphone come from apple

  • crosseyed_mofo

    gs3 can haz sunpics omfg?

  • professor frink

    This is not real I have just proven this wrong by taking a picture of many angals of the sun and no purple glare just apple trying to say your just holding your phone wrong

  • crosseyed_mofo

    right cus consumer reports is apple

    listen, the issue is lense flares! that happens on all lenses

    the purple can be explained by the sapphire layer

    the issue at hand are assholes that think taking pics into the sun is a good fucking idea

    this is only an issue for shitheads who know nothing about photography

  • speechless

    Wow, isn’t this the longest sentence in the evolution of mankind covered with typos.
    Whatever you do, don’t quit school, and go troll elsewhere.

    Oh, and educate yourself on what lens flare is before burping long headache inducing chapters like the one above.

  • There’s nothing like staring into the sun. I see purple reflections afterwards, and some temporary blindness. I want a refund on my eyes.