Purported ‘Champagne’ iPhone 5S Shown in High-Quality Photos [PICS] [u]


After iMore and TechCrunch dropped the bombshell of the champagne iPhone 5S, which triggered a debate as to whether it will be the choice of future iPhone buyers, the first high-resolution images of the rumoured handset have hit the web.

champagne iphone 5S

Japanese website ASCII.JP published a set of images that allegedly show the gold variation of the forthcoming iPhone 5S, comparing the device’s casing to the colour options we traditionally have seen so far (via Sonny Dickson). Another image shows the device’s rear shell alone.

The images are in line with previous reports claiming that Apple would add a “champagne” colour to the traditional iPhone colour palette.

champagne iphone 5S 1

champagne iphone 5S 2

In another report, Reuters today added its own voice, to confirm the claims of the champagne iPhone 5S, and speculated on its potential in China. According to Jerry Zou, senior VP and partner at public relations company FleishmanHillard in Beijing, a gold iPhone commercially could make sense because it would add novelty and variety, both of which are key to winning over fickle Chinese consumers.

As we approach the rumoured launch date of the upcoming next generation iPhones, we likely will see more image leaks of the iPhone 5S, which is rumoured to sport a fingerprint sensor and a new 128GB storage option.

Update: AppAdvice has published a new set of images of the rumoured gold/champagne iPhone 5S rear shell. While there is no way to tell if these images of the back housing are real, tjey seem to be in line with previous rumours. They also confirm the rumoured dual-LED flash rumours.



5S-back-cover-ori-new-03 5S-back-cover-ori-new-02


  • Mac

    Nice color actually,
    subtle yet sophisticated… although I really want to see new features rather than
    new colors (which people mask with covers anyway). I want to see IOS7 in
    action, finger reader, better camera, faster processor 😉

  • Chrome262

    It doesn’t look champange to me, it almost looks silver, hummm that would be something I might think on. although Not getting a new iphone till the six. Well thats the theory, I said no 4s and now my wife has it. LoL she is such a sport always gets my hand me downs

  • Chrome262

    Actually, I have a very thin cover, and the truth is, they are correct when they say the iPhone doesn’t need a cover. Unlike other phones its actually made of metal lol. I just have a cover because the dam thing is so thin I almost drop it all the time.

  • mac

    exactly, so you don’t see the orginial body… but color variety = more sales usualy just because consumer has choice… but i want specs! meh to color

  • wstoneman

    I’m thinking of switching back to black this time. Have had white since 4s… I really like the slate colour of the 5. Not even thinking about the new colour, it just looks weird to me (even if it isnt the actual colour, I dont want a gold phone)

  • Erik Kappel

    Yea I’m digging this new colour too. Exactly like you say, subtle and sophisticated. But like you mine would be covered by a case, which I use for functionality mainly. I’ve had a lofeproof on my 4 when I go skiing, I have a case that lets me store credit cards on right now and also acts as a pop out stand… So yea, the colour hasnbecome more of a self gratification thing, rather than for showing off 😛

    *excuse the typos, I can’t move my cursor to edit in this infernal commenting system :/

  • Erik Kappel

    Just to add to my other comment, I agree with you, it doesn’t “need” a cover, it’s essentially all about the user’s habits, to add extra protection like you say, or to add functionality like in my case 🙂

  • MikeJenkinson

    Hmmm … not loving the gold as much as I thought I would. Maybe because it’s paired up with the white phone? I think a gold and black phone would look pretty tremendous. But the gold with the white kind of washes out the gold.

  • Chrome262

    Actually I guess if you are in love with the gold phone then you will probably use a clear cover, but yeah specs would be nice. There are other reports that the processor is faster and this gold one should be 128 gig for storage.

  • Chrome262

    Wait, its with white?? so even if you get gold on the back if people look at the front they will think you have a white iPhone? Doesn’t black go better with gold anyway.

  • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

    Wow the gold color is so magical and innovative! This is why apple is a god and we apple fans will follow apple to our deaths! Screw android they don’t even have gold color phones! Apple is the best and it defines us!

  • You Are All Dust in The Wind!

    How dare you not like the gold! You are not an apple fan gtfo! Go back to your pathetic android non gold plastic phones

  • MikeJenkinson

    Me and my black iPhone 4 thank you for this amusing yet puzzling contribution to the discussion. 🙂

  • WatDah

    My thoughts exactly! This color looks better with black, looks sleeker in every way!

  • WatDah

    LOL!! I love it when fandroids try to diss Apple but actually made an ass of themselves!! Well done!!

  • MeadorsMusings

    It’s not C-3PO gold? No deal!
    Actually, I sort of like the look of the gold. I’m now considering it after previously saying no one will want it in gold.

  • I think gold is growing on everyone if it actually is as subtle as described.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    I love the 128 storage space. I am a singer and have all my diction, etc. on my 64 iphone, and also since I have 5 grandchildren, well you get the idea. What I would like to see if when one buys the new 128 iphone, whether one can use the 64 gig or whatever the one one already has under the same number like when one is being charged. That would make it easier.