PwnageTool Jailbreak Tool for iOS 4.1 Coming Sunday


It’s been a great week for the iOS jailbreaking community. Geohot came out of nowhere and released his limera1n jailbreak, which incorporated a different exploit from the Chronic Dev Team’s greenpois0n jailbreak. The CDT finally released their revised greenpois0n jailbreak today, which used Geohot’s exploit instead of SHAtter.

Now, both limera1n and greenpois0n are Windows only jailbreak tools. For those who are only operating in Mac environments, you will be happy to hear that MuscleNerd announced PwnageTool for iOS 4.1 will be released on Sunday (or Funday!). Here’s what he said on twitter:


So if you’ve been waiting for an update to PwnageTool for iOS 4.1, Sunday is the day you need to circle on your calendar. PwnageTool remains one of those solid jailbreak tools you can always rely on. Create a custom jailbreak firmware, then restore with that firmware in iTunes. Once again, a big thanks to the iPhone Dev Team, Chronic Dev Team, and Geohot for their hard work!



  • APPU

    soo will it unlock the phone, i bought this phone over a month ago and i still cant use it 🙁

  • Anonymous

    PwnageTool preserves the baseband from earlier firmware versions. So if you have 4.0.1 firmware (or earlier) on your iPhone then YES use PwnageTool to install firmware version 4.1, then in cydia use ultrasn0w to software unlock your iPhone.

    In your particular situation, since you STILL can’t use it, I’m guessing you have firmware version 4.1. In that case, you can use limera1n, greepois0n or PwnageTool to jailbreak your iPhone. You cannot unlock at this time. Also no word has come out on when they’re going to release an Unlock. You’ll just have to be patient.

    If you don’t know, check your firmware version by going to Settings > General > About and see what Version and Modem Firmware you have.

  • roadcarver

    So what if you have 4.1 but using baseband of 1.59, can it be unlocked?

  • Sunz

    I already have a jailbroken iPhone 4 on ios 4.0.1 and have a bunch of cydia apps I love. Will this update allow me to keep all my old stuff as well as add the new?

  • Kerry

    yes well we’ve heard about the release once before so I don’t believe it

  • I also jailbroken my iPhone 4

  • Gfactorylive

    Ok I have a question.. If you get or make a custom .ipsw which was made with the new 4.1 PwnageTool ( for eg. 4.0.1 with basband 1.5.9) which we all no that the pwnage tool can preserve the basband. Can you then use that custom firmware on a iphone 4g which is running 2.10.4 basband??? by doing the shift+restore?

  • Derka181

    Is there anyway to “unlock” an iPhone 3G with having 4.1 on it?????

  • Danjang

    yes. use redsn0w_win_0.9.6b1. you need 4.1 ipsw for your 3g. easy…i have done it

  • Saved by the G2

    Or you guys could just get a phone that doesn’t require a hat dance to get it to work.

  • Ari

    want a cookie?

  • Ex

    I do I do!