Quebec Government Partners with Uber on Pilot Project, Taxi Industry Furious



Quebec’s taxi companies are furious after the government and Uber announced a one-year pilot project. The taxi industry calls the move “a betrayal and a humiliation.”

On Thursday, Premier Philippe Couillard countered the taxi industry, saying that the pilot project does not pose a threat to them. Guy Chevrette, who is a lobbyist for the taxi industry, said that citizens should expect more proposals that won’t make people happy.

Here are the details of the agreement that were made public:

Uber will pay 90 cents per ride for the first 50,000 hours their drivers work every week. That rises to $1.10 a ride for the next 50,000 hours and $1.26 a ride for anything above 100,000 hours.The money collected will go into a fund dedicated for traditional taxi drivers, but it’s unclear what the fund will be used for.

The taxi industry is set to vote on whether or not to take the government to court over the partnership with Uber. Chevrette said that by agreeing to the partnership, the government has betrayed taxi drivers by negotiating with a company that is actively breaking bylaws. In a statement, he said:

“So we have to conclude today that if you engage in stealing, not paying, civil disobedience — the government says we are here for you. That’s the image the government is projecting today. And I think Premier Philippe Couillard should be embarrassed.”

In a statement, Uber Canada said it needs to evaluate whether or not it can continue offering its services during the one-year pilot project. Uber said it “wants to show the government we are ready to work in a regulated industry and be a partner in innovation.”

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[via CTV News]


  • Daniel Johnson

    What laws are they even breaking? They’re just butthurt over competition.

  • Hondanazi

    This is such bullshit money grab that they will pass onto the consumer and the money will magically go into the “general fund” as they call it just like the 1.5 cents a litre extra I pay for the fucking privilege of living on the island of Montreal. That money was supposed to fix our roads… what joke, I hate living here sometimes….always getting screwed by the government. This is so obvious, they have big balls doing this!!

  • Brenda

    With self-driving cars on the horizon and car-share use growing, taxi drivers should be looking at other ways of making a living. If this fund goes to help those gouged by exhorbitant taxi license fees (though they should have known better), I’m all for it. Glad to have the choice of taking Uber instead of hailing a cab to discover I can only pay in cash and the driver doesn’t know where he’s going. That’s happened to me in Montreal. And where is Uber in Vancouver where it’s normal to wait more than twenty minutes for a cab unless you happen to be taking it near the company’s dispatch yard?