Razer ‘Kazuyo’ iPhone Game Controller Leaked [PICS]



The folks over at @evleaks have published leaked photos of the alleged Razer ‘Kazuyo’ iPhone game controller on Twitter, featuring a multidirectional arrow pad and four action buttons. The controller appears quite similar to Logitech’s PowerShell controller for iPhone, though it adds the extra ability to tilt the iPhone up.


The Razer Kazuyo MFi (Made for iPhone) controller seems like a wraparound case that envelops the iPhone and provides it with an arrow pad and action buttons. Its screen tilt feature apparently offers a more ergonomic gaming experience than the Logitech offering.

Evleaks further claims that the front keys are accompanied by a pair of shoulder buttons, with the whole set of controls being pressure-sensitive. The action buttons are also said to be back-lit.

Would you like to own an iPhone game controller such as this one?


  • Jay

    Any case that doesnt have dual analog sticks is a critical failure in design

  • Jay

    Best one i’ve seen is the Caliber Advantage but it doesnt seem to be available yet

  • Chrome262

    if its competing with the DS (easily done with graphics alone) then they aren’t going to be dual. But I agree without dual its useless.