Did RBC Accidentally Confirm Apple Pay is Coming Soon?


Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed Apple Pay would be expanding beyond the U.S. and the UK, to arrive in Canada and Australia this year for select American Express cardholders. The announcement was made during the company’s Q4 2015 earnings conference call, much to the delight of Canadians.

Leading up to the announcement, TD Canada Trust had accidentally leaked Apple Pay would be “coming soon” on their website, while our own sources noted BMO is also preparing for Apple Pay.

Now it appears RBC’s online customer chat may have prematurely informed a customer Apple Pay is coming soon, according to iPhone in Canada reader, Kevin. As you can see below, a customer representative noted “we will be supporting [Apple] Pay in the near future, however we do not have a definite date yet.”

Apple pay rbc

We tried to confirm this information ourselves with RBC’s online chat team later in the afternoon, but they were unable to mention support for Apple Pay, so we logged this up as either a mistake by the RBC team.

But when Kevin tried again the next day to get confirmation from RBC, he randomly landed upon the same customer representative. The first thing the rep said was to apologize for the incorrect information from yesterday. Kevin claims he didn’t chat yesterday with the rep (a white lie he admits), but this made the conversation start all over again.

Rbc apple pay confirmation

Conspiracy theorists would believe the rep accidentally spilled the beans on Apple Pay, realized it was a mistake and then tried to ‘fix’ it when chatting with someone that appeared to be the same customer.

So, what do you think? Are we going to see RBC support Apple Pay anytime soon? A recent story by The Globe and Mail detailed why Apple bypassed Canadian banks and opted to launch here with American Express instead (for now).


  • Nick Cameron Greene

    Would you look at that. Just as I figured, that Amex deal isn’t the only announcement coming!

  • Jeeverz

    Ohhhh Kevin is in deep doo doo.

    Dammit Gary, can you just speak to Tim C and make this happen already.

  • I’ll send him an email, let’s see if he responds.

  • KIII

    Gary thanks for posting this. So frustrating though, returning a 6s on monday that was intended for Apple pay use.If only there more solid information from our banks.

  • Bafoon

    oh boy – you bought a 700 iphone to replace a credit card transaction. lol

  • Bafoon

    as someone who works at a bank technology dept – let me be the first to say that the client facing “advisor” is a low level worker in the grand scheme of things. I can assure you he will know nothing of a major business offer/partnership until a day before go-live. It is done this way, so that “slip ups” like this are avoided.

  • KIII

    No not a $700 and not “specifically for” either if that’s what you think you read.
    Photo taking for all the travelling plus more movie, book and music collection space.

    But have you ever had you card compromised?

  • Zeke

    No Apple Pay is exactly why im sticking with my iphone 5c. I skipped the 6 and 6s because i didnt want to pay for technology i cant use. None of my friends are using an iphone now. Ipads, ipods 6th gen and mobile hotspots.

  • sully54

    I’d have to disagree to a point. While it’s true low level reps aren’t privy to high level talks and negotiations, they do undergo training in advance prior to a service launching.

    I don’t know if that’s the case in this instance, but as a low level rep myself for another company who’s had dealings with Apple before, we were privy to information and training even before any official announcement was made.

  • xeronine992

    Good point.

    I’d imagine if there is say a late November launch they’re probably catching some wind of Apple Pay at lower levels.

    I’m taking the lack of any official announcement (even on apple dot ca / pr has no mention of it) as a sign that not all was said in the earnings call.

  • Alex

    “continue to work with industry partners on mobile solutions that meet or exceed expectations” …. hahahahahaha
    Exceed expectations of who? Which partner is that? This joke called UGO Wallet or the other one with QR codes (welcome to 1996). Both are UX nightmare and the only thing they exceed is lack of understanding of mobile payment workflow.

  • RBC’s website has a huge FAQ on Apple Pay but I can’t add my card. I’d say they are sending a mixed message.

  • Link?

  • Never mind. :/ I double checked and it was the US website that had the info. Canadian site has nothing.