RBC to Launch Mobile Cheque Deposits Sometime After November 22


If you’re an RBC customer looking to use photo chequing on your iPhone, the feature is not available yet, despite already being available with major competitors TD Canada and CIBC (also available with Tangerine, various credit unions)—but that is about to change.

RBC this morning has begun sending out messages to customers asking them to agree to new terms of their Electronic Access Agreement. Within this agreement it states:

We’ve updated the Electronic Access Agreement to clarify certain terms and to reflect upcoming changes to our products, services and technology, including:

  • Gift Card Services
  • Mobile Cheque Deposit
  • Visa Checkout

Rbc mobile depost

Customers are told by signing into RBC Banking on or after November 22, 2014, they agree to these new terms and conditions. While there’s no set date for when mobile cheque deposit is coming, this is good evidence it’s in the works and should be launching shortly in the future.

Anyone patiently waiting for mobile cheque deposits with RBC?

Thanks Jay!


  • BCEd

    Bank of Montreal: “What’s Mobile Cheque Deposit?”

  • K.

    Last I asked they told me “we will never have that because it’s not safe”. Glad they changed their mind.

  • Chrome262

    yet another reason I am glad I left BMO, stupid bank. CIBC has it already, used it I think once, because few people I know even know where the hell their check book is, let alone use it lol

  • Al

    About friggin’ time!

  • Kirk

    This is a good thing.

  • About time.

  • sukisszoze

    Oh this rate, the Canadian banks will add Apple Pay in 2017..

  • Anon

    Wow. Talk about being super late to the party.

  • Anon

    More like 2025. Banks like RBC are extremely slow to adopt.

  • Anon

    OK, it’s November 24. Where’s the mobile cheque deposit???

  • Frank

    I’m changing to TD

  • Nora

    Still waiting ……

  • Himanshu Kansal

    It’s 2015/01/29, where is it?

  • Miranda

    Iv been with RBC since I had a LEO account. I am finally deciding to SWITCH to CIBC. Clearly a better bank in many ways. Get with the times RBC, your customers are not happy.

  • multiculti1

    Now March 2015 and still nada…. RBC US customers now going on 3 years with remote cheque deposit.. Canada: let them eat cake… Obviously Cdn market much less demanding and/or competitive…

  • Miketyler

    Still waiting May 6 2015

  • 28 pfds

    …until they screw up your accounts. I left CIBC years ago and moved to RBC.

  • Sly

    Whats happening with this long overdue feature (mobile check deposit)????????? grrrrr

  • Sly

    Update! RBC Canada Android app now has mobile check deposit..cmon iOS version!!!!

  • Sly

    RBC Mobile Check Deposit is now out for iOS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yep, came out this morning, glad you found it 🙂