RBC Rewards Promo: Get 35% Off a 42mm Apple Watch Sport


RBC Rewards has a promo right now that offers 35% off the points required to redeem a 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch Sport, available for 47,850 points.

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According to discussion on RFD, this Cyber Monday deal is ‘hot’ compared to the Canadian retail price of the Apple Watch Sport. Depending on how you use your rewards points, this deal may vary. Right now, a $250 VISA gift card is worth 42,000 points, so this means a 42mm Apple Watch Sport is worth $284.82 in RBC points, versus $519 plus tax retail. But if you travel often, 42,000 points is worth $420. So, the choice is yours.

If you aren’t planning on traveling anytime soon and have a tonne of points to use, this may be a deal worth considering, since a new 42mm Apple Watch Sport costs $519 plus tax. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this.


  • micrich3

    I’ve been holding off getting an Apple watch but with a deal like I can’t pass it up. I got an iPad Mini for 50% off last year with my RBC points.

  • Yeah this is pretty decent if you have points available!

  • Jebus

    Can someone explain how a person would turn a $250 VISA gift card into 42,000 points? I collect points for travel, and a flight anywhere in Canada/USA is 35,000 points. Seems like it’d be smart to buy something like a $200 VISA gift card to acquire enough points for a flight that would cost quite a bit more if you paid for it flat out – no?

  • Jebus

    Nevermind. I’m dumb. Just re-read it. My bad.

  • tinyHat

    I am still waiting for my apple watch ordered Nov. 1st…. I wonder how bad their supply chain is after this deal