Rogers: Removing SIM Card Removes Handset Extra Warranty Protection



According to a report from CTV News, if you remove your Rogers smartphone’s SIM card, it will also remove any extra warranty protection you purchased with your device. This extra carrier warranty normally covers you in the event the phone is lost, stolen or damaged.

In a statement Lisa Rossington, public affairs manager for Rogers, said:

“Your warranty travels with your mobile number, not the device.”

After filing a claim for her stolen iPhone 6S, Wi Deng told CTV News that neither the customer service representative at Rogers nor the Best Buy representative that upgraded her phone clearly understood how the extra warranty works. The terms of service on Rogers’ website are also very unclear when it comes to extra warranty. Rossington said:

“We feel we should, and will, and did honour the warranty because there was a lack of clarity.”

Rogers is looking to revamp its website to better explain how their extra protection plan works. However, Bell and Telus are also facing similar issues.

The bottom line is that if you purchase extra protection from your wireless carrier, the warranty is attached to the SIM card and your phone number, not the device. If you ever change your number or SIM card, remember to also have the carrier transfer the extra protection plan. This does not apply to AppleCare warranties, however.


  • Nick

    The warranty that Rogers sells is a total scam. “Pay us 20$ a month so that if you lose your phone you have the opportunity to pay us more money to get a replacement”. If you’re buying an apple product, either buy apple care, or don’t buy any warranty at all.

  • Justin Whyte

    AppleCare is far superior to Device Protection from your carrier, until you lose or have your phone stolen.

  • Larry

    What a bunch of money-grubbing crooks. I’ve bought my last two iPhones with Apple Care at the Apple store. When I cross the border I switch SIM cards, forward my Canadian carrier number to my local Canadian magicJack number which is forward to my Roam Mobility U.S. number. People dial my Canadian carrier number and it rings on my Roam Mobility number while I’m in the U.S. (It’s really amusing when someone buzzes my from door intercom and I tell them I’m in Texas.)
    *Canadian carrier name not mentioned in case they want to screw me!

  • erth

    another reason not to buy a phone from rogers! if they keep this up, they will be out of business soon….

  • Just_sayin

    The extra protection is only $8-$11 monthly depending on the type of phone it is. Or $9 monthly for monthly apple care vs having to pay the entire upfront apple care cost

  • Just_sayin

    Also the extra warranty is offered by Rogers on behalf of Asurion, so you are paying them not Rogers. Think car insurance for your phone. And you still have to pay a deductible with Apple Care… The extra warranty has covered my clumsy self a few times now, still cheaper than paying outright for a new phone

  • That’s awesome! The front door buzzer part is especially cool.

  • AppleCare is good and bad. I had a discussion in an Apple Store with an employee, and even he got puzzled when I explained it to him.

    A screen replacement costs $210 and is the most common repair order.

    AppleCare is $129. To make a repair claim, there’s a $100 fee to have it repaired under AppleCare. So now I’ve over paid $20 than not having AppleCare and paying up front for the repair.

    Of course this situation only applies to cracked screens, which is the most common issue, as confirmed by the Apple employee. I just found that odd.

  • IAN

    Hi, what MagicJack product or app are you using to do the call-forwarding (as I’m in the same situation, US Roam Mobility).

    Really appreciate your guidance… 🙂

  • Spittt

    Apple care also covers iCloud sync issues which can be handy for some

  • Riddlemethis

    This article is about as unclear as Roger’s warranty. If the warranty is with your Sim card not your device then you have warranty on your other device you’re using. For example. If you have a backup smartphone and you wish to use it because you gave your iPhone to your wife to use then you have warranty on your backup device,, at least according to what is represented in the article.

  • Riddlemethis

    I’m not aware Magic Jack offers the call forwarding feature or at least for no additional charge. Besides. My understanding is the service is unreliable and pricey. Please explain.

  • Riddlemethis

    If it’s posted on the Internet it must be true

  • Riddlemethis

    Don’t forget water damage is the next biggest most expensive problem

  • Riddlemethis

    See my post to Larry

  • Very true.

  • Uh… okay. Am I some idiot now because I thought this sounded like a good idea? I don’t know anything about MagicJack, but regardless of what service he uses, this should be quite possible. I just thought forwarding the number to the Roam card sounded like a great idea.

  • Yup, that’s what it sounds like. Whatever device the SIM card is in.

  • Larry

    I have a different Fongo number on of each my iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Problem is, I live in a small town that’s not on Fongo’s list so I can’t call my local area from my Fongo numbers unless I pay. My Fongo numbers are for Vancouver and Toronto.

  • Larry

    I don’t use the magicJack iPhone app. It’s crap. I have two of the magicJack devices which plug into my ISP modem. I have them connected to a 2-line landline phone. One has a Canadian number and is forwarded to my U.S. Roam Mobility number. The other has a U.S. number and it’s forwarded to my Canadian cel phone number. You log into your magicJack account online to set up the forwarding. I have friends and relatives all over the U.S. and they can call me toll-free on their nationwide calling plan. Almost no one in the U.S. has a plan that includes Canadian calls. You don’t need a wireline phone if you just use it for forwarding. I still dial out on the U.S. number while it’s forwarded to my cel. I’ve used magicJack for over ten years. No problems as long as the internet connection is working. Originally they plugged into a USB port on your computer. That changed several years ago when they made them to plug into a modem. They also require a 110 V outlet and supplied power adaptor. I bought the units direct from magicJack, but they are also sold in Canada at Staples or London Drugs. Probably Best Buy, too, but I don’t go there. Units are about $49.00 and come with six months or one year of service (can’t remember which) after that it’s $35.00 USD/year or $99 USD/5years. Canadian number is $10.00 extra/yr. Unlimited North America-wide calling. I laugh when I see Bell or Fido promoting a wifi phone for $20 or $30 a month and then charge extra for U.S. calls.

  • jay

    Always had Apple care until the iPhone 6 since the price went up another 30$ I just changed to an Android phone and well not really worry because is half the price if the iPhone so really don’t care