Renders Imagine What Rumoured ‘iPhone X Plus’ May Look Like


As Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone X with an OLED edge-to-edge display and facial recognition, iDrop News has created renderings imagining what an iPhone X Plus may look like.

The renderings show the existing 5.8-inch iPhone X beside a larger 6.4-inch model. Design wise, the “iPhone X Plus” model in the rendering is identical to the iPhone X, with just a larger display.

The device has the same notch-shaped element to house the TrueDepth camera and sensors. Should Apple plan to introduce a larger version of the iPhone X, it would most likely be in 2018 or 2019.

Though the iPhone X won’t be available for purchase for another three weeks, we’ve already been hearing rumours about Apple’s plans for the coming years.

Separate rumours have confirmed that Apple is aiming for an all OLED lineup for 2018 or 2019, with timing heavily dependent on whether the company can secure enough OLED production capacity from its various partners.


  • Ned K.

    omg remove that ugly black bar in middle!

  • SV650

    Oh, my! It’s an image of an iPhone X enlarged by 10%. WOW!!!!

  • Duff

    Add another $200 for that model in 2018. LMAO

  • Steve

    Then you won’t have a front facing camera and speaker.

  • Tim

    I believe this gives Apple a dilemma though. Do they increase the notch size to keep it proportional with the X? Or do they have less of a notch relative to the size of the phone? If they just make the notch bigger without giving the notch any more functionality, then they’re wasting screen real estate for the sake of making it match (and maybe making it easier for developers). But it certainly demonstrates the stupidity of that design element and the corner they’ve painted themselves into.

  • SOB

    Unless there is a huge backlash I think the notch is here to stay. It differentiates iPhones with all other smartphones out there.

  • BeaveVillage

    Maybe for the Plus, but I can’t see them keeping the notch for the XS next year, but that depends on how many X sales Apple gets later this month. Either way, I can’t picture Steve ever having allowed the release of a product with something like this in the screen.

  • FragilityG4

    There’s nothing wrong with the notch.

  • Shane

    People keep saying if Steve were alive he wouldn’t have allowed that notch to happen. People forget Steve wasn’t perfect, it’s not like he never released products(even iPhones) with design flaws. So if he was alive I don’t necessarily believe the notch wouldn’t be there. But Steve would’ve made us love the notch, make us feel like how did we ever live without this notch. That’s what Steve was great at..

  • FragilityG4

    We often forget that this is the internet and people feel entitled to complain about any and everything.

    There’s a lot of things going on in that notch, a lot of great things! <– May have been a Steve line 🙂