Report: 98% of iPhone Users Have Tried Siri, Most Don’t Use it Regularly



According to a new study by Creative Strategies’ Carolina Milanesi, virtual voice assistants that are offered by many major tech companies are not used by regular users on an average basis.

The study notes that about 70 percent of iPhone users use Siri sometimes or very rarely. However, nearly all iPhone users (98%) have tried the voice assistant on the iPhone. In a statement, Milanesi wrote:

“Cultural differences will certainly impact how voice assistants will take off and develop in different regions.”

It turns out that most people rarely use Siri because they feel uncomfortable using it when they are in public. Most users are utilizing voice assistants when they are alone at home or when they are in the car, most likely because of hands-free driving laws.

The good news is that technology companies, like Apple and Google, are trying to make voice assistants more usable in a variety of contexts.

[via TechInsider]


  • Yearoftherat

    I would use it more often if it still wasn’t so buggy.

  • hlna55

    My usage is limited to, “hey Siri, set timer for 7 minutes.” When I’m BBQing

  • Don’t you have to have a dedicated wi fi or cellular connection before Siri even works? You can’t just use it offline.

  • GeorgeK

    I’ve got Siri disabled, hopefully it saves me battery life. I have no need for it, so why bother enabling it. Especially when it doesn’t understand you most of the time 🙂

  • Ashley Mann

    Those 70 percent of iPhone users have no idea what they are missing.

  • Z S

    I use it for basic commands such as timers/alarms, turning on/off settings like DnD, weather, and Homekit (very handy for my Philips Hues). I also use it to read/send texts in the car every now and then, but it’s usefulness is limited with road noise.

    If they could open it up to developers, I bet we’d see a lot more usefulness.

  • Z S

    70% of iPhone users are barely computer literate and don’t even know HALF of what their phone can do. I can’t tell you how many times my mother-in-law has come to me for tech support simply because she didn’t READ the message that popped up on her phone.

  • T33BS

    Like the way of voice calls, I’d much rather send Siri a text than talk to my phone.

  • Harold Mitchell

    I always go with 6 minutes…like my food rare!

  • hlna55

    Hahaha right you are sir

  • Hosaka

    I used to use Siri on a daily basis. Now, it’s more like “what’s the weather like?” and “Set alarm/timer for…”

    Siri of today is absolute garbage. The personal assistant rarely understands what you’re requesting. Can’t even ask to play a certain music album or even ask what’s playing at nearby movie theatres. Frustrating.

  • hlna55

    70% of iPhone users are your mother in law? haha

  • Z S

    Haha. Well, my in-laws have gone through a good chunk of iPhones. My own fiancee went through three iPhone 5’s. Nearly 4. She dropped one and the screen broke. Another she dropped, didn’t realise she had, and we later found it on the ground after a truck ran over. She nearly lost a third, but thankfully someone picked it up and returned it to us. I’ve been able to break her bad habit and she hasn’t lost/broken an iPhone in the past

    Her family have dropped iPhones in toilets, pools, from construction towers, left on the top of trucks then fallen off onto the side of the road. They’re hazards to their own belongings.

  • Brad Fortin

    Don’t forget laundry timers, morning alarms, and quick conversions (“what’s 480°F in °C?”).

  • sash

    Siri sucks. I’ve been using google voice on my iphone more and more given its accuracy of voice recognition and data retrieved. I only use Siri for simple math calculations and setting reminders. Next phone will be a nexus