Report: Why Some Canadians Aren’t Giving Up Their Flip Phones


The smartphone market is bigger than ever and with Apple’s announcement of the iPhone X earlier this week, the company said that it sold more than 1.2 billion phones in the last 10 years.

Smartphones in today’s day and age are the most accessible for people, and with so many on the market, consumers have a wide variety to choose from. Toronto-based Wellness expert Anna He says that our phones are no longer just our phones, they are a part of our bodies and lives.

“They are a part of our bodies, if we lose it, we feel like we are dismembered. [Our phone] becomes an extension of ourselves and we become a bit of a superhero… we know everything.”

Despite the rapid growth of smartphones, some Canadians still enjoy the simplicity of a flip phone. Liz Dewdney, a 36-year old server and bookkeeper, says that she has been using a flip phone for years and has no reason to switch. In a statement to Global News, she said:

“Right now all I get are rectangles or a kind of alien face if someone sends me just a single smiley. I actually kind of like the aliens; they may be my favourite part of my phone.”

Dewdney says there are a lot of reasons why she still uses a flip phone. Firstly, to her, it is a lot more comfortable, easier to use, and she doesn’t have to worry about constant updates. In addition, she said that even though she can afford a smartphone, she “can think of so many better things to spend my money on.”

He said that a practical wellness tip is to slowly detach from your phone, which can actually reduce anxiety that we can from using our smartphones.


  • Riddlemethis

    Once you have a smart phone for a month or two you’ll easily become attached to it’s features. It’s like the smart phone is an addictive drug. I had a loaner dumb phone last year and I found it brutal to just use it.

    However, if smart phones don’t start dropping in prices I might just have to go back to using a dumb phone.

  • FTFY

    the company said that it sold more than 1.2 million phones in the last 10 years 48 hours.

  • BigCat

    Not to mention there are several members of the US Congress that serve on the Subcommittee for National Security that will only use flip phones. I do believe these phones are of the “burner” variety.

  • Brenda

    This make sense if your primary reason for having a phone is to take phone calls. There’s still a big divide between people who are OK with phones and those who aren’t. Even if you’d prefer a text you have to answer the phone sometimes. Nice to see voicemail on the way out though.

  • Jason Chu

    Sorry what do you mean by the voice mail on the way out part?

  • toysandme

    “a practical wellness tip is to slowly detach from your phone, which can actually reduce anxiety”
    FYI, and I know you’re dying to find out how I feel about this, being detached from my phone INCREASES anxiety.

  • Brenda

    Very few people I know use it anymore because you call someone, the phone goes to voicemail, they call you back, their message goes to voicemail. It’s way easier to just text them. I can see it going in the same direction as fax machines. You still have to use it for technology holdouts, but it’s not something you use every day.

  • Jason Chu

    Oh I thought you knew it was on its way out.

  • Not Jon Snow

    Some lower level smart phones are in the $70-$80 dollar range, almost as cheap as a flip phone.