Try Apple ‘Reserve and Pickup’ for iPhone 8 Pre-Orders in Canada and Apple Watch Series 3


Apple just kicked off its iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders after midnight, while also launching sales for Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K.

If you don’t want your new iPhone 8 or Apple Watch Series 3 shipped to your door, and you have an Apple Store in your area, an option for Reserve and Pickup is available for these two products, saving you the hassle of lining up at stores.

For iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus and Apple Watch Series 3, just click on the “Reserve Now” link on the web:

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This will take you through steps to pick out your device and your local Apple Store, where you can just head there on September 22 for pick up.

This is a good sign iPhone X may also have reserve and pickup in Canada when pre-orders begin on October 27.

Click here to visit the Reserve and Pickup link for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

For Apple Watch Series 3, on the web on, you should see an option for pickup, once you select your configuration:

Screenshot 2017 09 15 00 21 47

This reserve option for iPhone 8 and Apple Watch Series 3 is also available within the Apple Store iOS app.

Let us know if your reserve and pickup option was successful tonight!


  • Cody Woodward

    yup reserved for pickup on both the Apple Watch series 3 gps and the iPhone 8 plus gold 256gb. It’s more convenient for me than waiting for mr postman

  • Mohammed Al Sarraf

    Just reserved an iPhone 8 plus 64gb black For pickup on September 22

  • Jamie Shuhyta

    Looks like zero demand for the 8. I just checked now for fun since I’m waiting for a X and literally nothing is sold out. First time ever that I can remember that everything didn’t sell out in minutes

  • Salinger

    That’s what I always used to do but this year, I’ve gotten a great loyalty deal from Rogers so will be getting the iPhone X on contract. Can you still buy from an Apple Store on contract or is it only buying outright now? I didn’t see an option in the reserve and pick-up or do you just tell them that when you get to the store.

  • Dany Quirion

    Of course you can, that is what I always do

  • Potzie2

    That’s my question, I went through the steps to see about picking up on contract and it never asked my carrier or anything. Do I just do that when I get to the store? I will need to change my rate plan with Rogers to a Premium+. Can they do that for me or is that going to involve me calling and dealing with Rogers?

  • Travis Turner

    I live in downtown toronto and still chose to have it delivered. I have ordered ahead at Apple Store and had to wait 15 minutes before just for someone to go to that back and get my order. I can only imagine what it’s like on launch day there.

  • Salinger

    Thanks Dany. So, how does it work? You just go ahead and do reserve and pick-up, and then when you get to the store tell them you’re purchasing on contract?

  • Salinger

    All colours in both storage sizes available for mail order or pick-up at my local Apple Store, erm Town Square. 🙂 I’d have been really annoyed if I was getting this phone and had done my norm and gotten up at 3:00am to pre-order only to see them all still available at 9:00am.

    I wonder is demand down due to people waiting for the iPhone X or were they just better prepared with supply this time?

  • My gut feeling is that all of the folks who are “hardcore” enough to be up at 3 AM ordering iPhones are probably waiting for the iPhone X ????

  • I found that the delivery times for Apple Watch and iPhone 8 Plus 256GB had already slipped into the following week — only the iPhone 8 was still shipping for arrival on Sep. 22.

    Apple also appears to be making you pick check-in slots for pickup (I was able to get 8:30 at Yorkdale), so that might help reduce the lineups of people waiting to pick up on launch day.

  • I wouldn’t say “zero demand” so much as very little demand from early adopters. The reality is that the majority of iPhone users live well outside of the “tech bubble” so most customers aren’t getting up at 3 AM to place a preorder ????

  • Jamie Shuhyta

    Your kidding right? I have gotten up for EVERY pre-order since the original iphone. This is the first time I have ever seen a new phone not sell out within minutes.

  • Right. The point is that I expect most people who are “hardcore” enough to get up at 3AM are probably waiting for the iPhone X. I have a feeling that you’ll definitely want to be up at 3 AM on Oct 27 ????

    All I’m saying is that the fact that there is virtually zero demand from those willing to get up at 3 AM just to make sure they get an iPhone on launch day doesn’t mean that there’s no demand at all for the product. I think the vast majority of iPhone customers out there are more than happy to just wander into an Apple Store (or a Rogers/Bell/Telus/etc store) and pick one up whenever they can get one.

  • Travis Turner

    Thanks! I just changed it to a pickup and selected 9am.

  • Matt

    I have done reserve and pickup on launch day before (unlocked) and they usually ask you which carrier you are with when you get there. A few times they have had reps from the major carriers there to help you pick a plan and get you set up. Next to the reserve link it says “Reserve iPhone 8 with a contract” so I don’t think you will have any problems.

  • Salinger

    Guilty! LOL

  • Salinger

    There’s no “With Contract” option when I go through the process, but as long as I know I can do it, I’ll settle it in store. Cheers!

  • In previous years, people have been able to reserve online, then decide at Apple Stores whether they want unlocked or contract. You’ll be fine.

  • Kirk

    1000% percent people are waiting for the X. But anyone with a phone lower then the 7 is still getting a AWESOME phone in the iPhone 8.

  • Agreed

  • Kirk

    You are correct sir! Totally agree. Demand will be high, but just not as rapidly as the X.

  • Salinger

    Great, thanks Gary! Do you know if you can use an Apple gift card to pay for the balance of the phone after the contract discount?

  • I’ve never tried that, but it sounds like theoretically you should be able to!

  • Xperienc3

    If last year was any indication, you will still be waiting in a line to do pick-ups. Although this was at Eatons Centre

  • Dryden Sean Lewis

    There is a reserve with contract link on the top of the page to get the iPhone 8

  • Salinger

    Thanks, I missed that!

  • Steve

    What is the compelling reason to switch from an iPhone 6s plus to an iPhone 8 plus?

  • Well, “compelling” means different things to different people, but the biggest differences from the 6s Plus would be the better dual-camera system with Portrait Mode (also found on the 7 Plus) and the new Portrait Lighting Mode.

    The other big upgrade would be wireless charging capabilities and USB fast charging, which are also improvements on even the 7 Plus.

    Beyond that it’s mostly the usual stuff… faster CPU/GPU, better battery life, etc.

  • Kirk

    Thank you Jesse you beat me to the response. It’s so subjective really. You can even add the water and dust resistance as well. For Some people it could be a deal breaker. 6 and 6s don’t have these features

  • Kirk

    See Jesse and my response below.

  • Steve

    I’m not sure if the new iPhones have better battery life than the iPhone 6s Plus line. Do they?

    Plugging in my phone once a day to charge is not that much of a burden.

    The camera is better, sure.

  • Sam

    It used to be that with Telus and Bell you could pay with the apple store gift card, because the “upfront” cost of the phone you would pay in person at the Apple Store. For Rogers and Fido, for years how it worked is that you would pay nothing at the apple store (your receipt would literally say $0.00) and whatever price you were paying for your phone would show up on your next Rogers or Fido bill. However, I have heard that more recently, some Rogers customers have been having to pay in store, so it may have changed. Probably best to call the Apple Store or Rogers to double check. I think they had a lot of issues with fraudsters taking advantage.

  • The iPhone 8 models provide about the same battery life as the equivalent iPhone 7 models, however the iPhone 7 models claimed a 1–2 hour battery life improvement over the 6s.

  • VaniPhone

    If I am renewing my contract with Fido and I do a reserve and pick up at the apple store, do I have to pay for the phone or will it appear on my next bill?

  • For what it’s worth, there were virtually no lineups at Yorkdale at my scheduled 8:30 pickup time — there were three other people there with me, but they were just reservations, not prepaid “reserve and pickup” orders. I arrived about 10 minutes early, so although they checked me in as soon as I arrived, I did end up waiting until 8:30, which was fair as far as I was concerned.

    The only real minor issue is that their system is only designed to handle the pickup of one item at a time. So because I was picking up three items, I actually had to wait for them to bring out each item and fully process the pickup before the guy could scan my code to call out the next one. Still, it only took about 15 minutes, but I imagine that’s also because it was early and they weren’t very busy — I’ve had normal reserve-and-pickups take longer for a single item to come out from the back on busier days.

    Bottom line, however, is that I was back home with all of my stuff by 9AM, so all in all it was a pretty smooth experience, and far better IMHO than waiting for the UPS guy to show up.

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    For the reserve and pickup did you get prompted to select a time?

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    Did the process ask you to select a date/time or did it just say it would be available on launch day?

  • Cody Woodward

    I had to pick a time and date