ReSound Hearing Aids Can Be Controlled via Apple Watch [VIDEO]


Resound apple watch

Apple Watch can do more than just receive and respond to text messages, take phone calls and receive updates. It can also control your Bluetooth hearing aids, particularly compatible models from ReSound, via their Apple Watch app. Users can adjust volume settings, mute and customize their hearing aids, right from their wrist:

Resound hearing aid Resound hearing aid 2

CNN has a clip of one ReSound user and his experience with the hearing aid and Apple Watch:

Click here to download ReSound Smart for iPhone in the App Store.


  • matt

    Goes to show the accessibility and how much apple has supported that extra means of communication for those who need it 🙂 props to apple

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I have ReSound and when Apple finally decides to ship me my Apple Watch I am looking forward to using this feature. The only downside I heard from a ReSound representative is that I cannot use the Apple Watch’s microphone when I have the audio paired with the hearing-aids. I hope Apple fixes this ASAP. It is a pain to have to hold the iPhone when having a convo with the iPhone.

    Also, this is Apple’s worst rollout ever.