Richmond RCMP Shocked By Woman’s Distracted Driving Record, Convicted 12 Times Since 2011


distracted driving

According to a new report from CBC News, a distracted driver who was pulled over after nearly colliding with a Richmond RCMP officer, had an existing total of 12 distracted driving convictions, dating back to 2011. 

On Thursday, media liaison officer Cpl. Dennis Hwang told CBC News:

“I have never encountered anyone with that many convictions for distracted driving, ever.”

There was even a poll conducted around the police station and not a single officer has ever heard of anyone with such a long distracted driving record. In a tweet, Hwang released all 12 of the driver’s convictions since 2011.

Currently, the distracted driving penalty in B.C. is a fine of $167 and a penalty of three demerit points. If a driver incurs more than three points, they will also pay a premium on their car insurance rates.


  • Matt

    I live in Richmond…. They don’t have the Twitter handle @richmonddriverrs for nothing

  • Note to self: never ever set foot on No.3 road on a Sunday afternoon

  • Matt

    Don’t forget costco….
    Like never set foot in the Richmond Costco EVER

  • Haha…so true…the parking lot is like the Bermuda Triangle…well, maybe not as bad as Aberdeen’s parkade…that’s where your car and soul goes to perish a slow, agonizing death.

  • Matt

    Richmond center is bad too…almost got into like 3 accidents in a 5 minute span looking for parking today
    Lansdowne is the safe zone lol such a dead mall now

  • The deep corners of Landsdowne are the best places for a nap in the car or to enjoy your bubble tea and bubble waffles in peace while on your iPhone

  • Matt

    Hah only reason to go there is for that bubblenwaffle place and best buy

  • The bubble waffles from the new place beside Superstore are pretty legit, but eating in is like being in a club

  • Matt

    Oh superstore
    Speaking of terrible parking lots haha

  • fatiredflyer

    Seize the device!
    Get serious about this law, or SCRAP it!

  • digitalzeros

    Well… no need to worry about it until she kills someone right? I don’t know who’s the bigger idiot here. The woman or the people who aren’t taking her license away.

  • Superstore is similarly a gong show. I just park outside the lot by the tall bushes and take 30 seconds to walk inside…and then when I get to the checkout lines at Superstore, I just say FML. Hey, at least HK BBQ Master is downstairs!

  • Matt

    The parking by the gas bar? That too is a gong show because people don’t know how to navigate and use direction around the pumps lol

    Not that hard to follow arrows, people….

  • Well, not beside the gas bar, but further down west from it. Okay, enough about Richmond and driving, I’m getting nervous just thinking about it

  • McHuman

    How many demerit points do you have to lose before losing your license??

  • ShaBi

    If by “losing your license” means getting a suspension, usually if you get 3 tickets (9 points) within 6-12 months period. Then ICBC will put a $300+ fine on you called DRP (Driver Risk Premium) which you must pay in order for you to renew your insurance, or make changes to your insurance, or renew your driver’s license, which is like buying your points back.

  • McHuman

    Oh wow.. Well that’s a but lenient!!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    So it takes 12 times before the police take notice. And then instead of taking away her licence for public safety, they have a big laugh and send the story to the media. Maybe if they released her name she could at least be publically shamed into stopping her behaviour. But no. I’ll asume the outcome of it all will be that she’ll read the stories about her – on her phone – while driving.

  • Matt

    But nows the right time to vent especially for me….I have to go to Costco tomorrow(Saturday) to pick up some things for the house. RICHMOND COSTCO ON A SATURDAY AHHHHHH pray for me, but they have the best samples on weekends so I think I’ll live hah

  • I’m gonna be praying for you, brave soul!!