Rick Mercer Introduces the New ‘BlackBerry Outàge’ [VIDEO]


RIM has struggled to to stay relevant ever since the iPhone was launched in 2007. With competitors such as Android adding to their bag of hurt, the BlackBerry brand continues to take a nose dive.

The Rick Mercer Report reported on a new product from RIM last night, known as the BlackBerry Outàge. It’s the phone you need to buy if you don’t want to wait for your iPhone 5 anymore. Check it out the funny video below:

RIM suffered an outage on the day of the iPhone 5’s launch. We can’t make this stuff up. Anyone out there waiting for BlackBerry 10?


  • Brando

    seems pretty convenient that the BB servers crash everytime an iPhone is released.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    anyone else get crazy douchechills from canned laugh tracks used in canadian television?

  • excaliburca

    Yea, I actually am waiting for BB 10. Hoping it’s everything it’s supposed to be cracked up to be. Otherwise RIM is screwed.

  • It reminds me that I’m still human.

  • I wish RIM well, it’s just they keep on doing the same thing over and over. Ship dates are always delayed, and they always reveal BB10 features and put out expectations it’s going to blow away and take ‘3rd place’.