Rick Mercer Report: New BlackBerry App Shows the Rise of RIM, Fall of Apple


Screen Shot 2013 01 27 at 11 26 43 PM

Just over three hours ago the Rick Mercer Report uploaded a TV ad to its YouTube channel for a new BlackBerry ‘Reversal of Fortune’ app. This new app shows how much RIM’s stock has risen and how Apple’s stock has declined, plus a few other extras targeting iPhone users. Check it out below:

On Wednesday, January 30th, RIM is set to simultaneously announce the launch of its much anticipated BlackBerry 10 smartphone line up, which many hope will turn the tide of misfortune for RIM.

The City of Kitchener will overrule its municipal regulation and allow RIM to put up free advertising in the downtown core during this Wednesday’s launch, with the mayor saying “it just makes sense for us to be supportive of RIM.”


  • iPhone lover

    To view the video clip on my iPhone I had to use Skyfire

  • Edge

    Odd, worked fine for me in regular Safari.

  • Yikes…Just a wee bit premature, Mr. Mercer? Seemed like just a year or two ago they were having fun at RIM’s expense. Let’s revisit in few months.

  • Mark

    I didn’t interpret it as being anti-iPhone. I took it as mockingly poking fun at BB believers who are always hating on Apple, with their claims of how things will change overnight, like the second coming. I think the ending tag line supports that.