Roam Mobility SIM Swap Program Offers Up Free SIM Cards


Roam Mobility, the Vancouver-based company that plans to make your US roaming easier recently introduced a free SIM swap program. Send them your US SIM card and in return they’ll make you a free Roam Mobility SIM (a $20 value). They have both regular SIM and microSIM cards available.

How to get a free Roam Mobility SIM card:

1. Fill out this entry form.

2. Mail your old US SIM card to:

Roam Mobility – SIM Swap Program
400 – 311 Water Street,
Vancouver, BC,
V6B 1B8

3. That’s it. Your new Roam SIM should arrive in approximately 2 weeks.

Roam SIM swap program entries must be postmarked no later than June 1st, 2012. We’ve previously went hands-on with their Liberty Hotspot, and with my recent tests of the device in the U.S. (5GB plan for $99) it works exactly as described. Expect a further in-depth review to come.


  • roadcarver

    I don’t have a US SIM, but their offering is very interesting.  I will definitely keep them in mind instead of using Robber’s add-on packs.

  • MillsLula39

    what Phillip explained I am startled that some one able to get paid $786 in a few weeks on the internet. did you read this web link ===>>??

  • Cykf_cyyz

    While Roam Free  is cheaper than  buying a US plan from the Big 3 it still cost more than using a US Sim.
    I have a T-mobile sim for my iPhone and all I pay is $3/day for Unlimited phone/text/internet (and the internet is 3G rather than 2G which Roam is offering).

  • The free calls back to Canada and no minimum top ups makes this a better deal than a pre-paid SIM from the US. Plus these don’t expire, my AT&T SIM was fried when I tried to use it 5 months later.

  • xxJDxx

    Ya, I immediately was asking myself “If I already had a US Sim why wouldn’t I just use that?”
    I dont understand the benefit of this…?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    I still dont see how this beats pay by the day t-mobile prepaid ($2 all you can eat)

  • roadcarver

    How do you get a T-Mobile SIM?  I hear experiences from people where AT&T won’t allow them purchase pay as you go data plans if they’re a tourist, and you’ll need a US based credit card?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    go into a t-mobile

    ask for a pre-paid by the day plan

    they give you a sim with a local number

    $3 a day unlimmited nation wide text, talk and data (3G)

    $2 a day if you have an iphone (edge, iphone doesnt support aws 3G bands, yet

    if your in NYC, tmobile’s edge id faster than at&t

  • Lysack

    No problem with a Canadian credit card if you buy the SIM at an AT&T store; I’ve done it many times. I have even topped it up over the phone from Canada.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    at&t always flat out refused to sell me a sim

    mind you this was before they lost iphone exclusivity

  • sucresans

    so do you get charged for the sim card too? wouldn’t that be more expensive as the sim will “expire” unless one is a frequent traveler to the US whilst Roam doesn’t expire? Or at least this is what I am understanding….

  • Just wondering if you have used this method lately? Still good? Any issues? I am heading to NYC next week and need to get this figured out. Thanks!

  • crosseyed_mofo

    used it in november, tmobile iphone friendly 3g is quite robust now in most of manhattan, give it a shot