Roam Mobility Products Now Available from Staples Canada Locations


If you’re an avid traveller to the USA, and you haven’t picked up a Roam Mobility SIM card yet for your unlocked iPhone (or cellphone), you can now do so at Staples Canada locations nationwide and online.

“Travel is a major business expense, and the most popular business destination for Canadians is the US,” explains Emir Aboulhosn, founder and CEO of Roam Mobility. “Canadian business travellers in the US often face large roaming fees as they need to call, email and download on a regular basis, and it can get expensive.”

Roam Mobility SIM cards cost $19.95 and can be recharged and reused for your frequent trips down south, with various SIMs available for all iPhone and iPad devices. An unlocked iPhone using Roam Mobility (or any other local carrier) is significantly cheaper than roaming with your Canadian wireless carrier (unless you’re on this amazing WIND Mobile plan):

“Staples Canada is always looking for innovative products that help the business community save money and stay competitive,” says Joanna Lennox, category manager at Staples Canada. “Roam Mobility’s popularity among our customers tells us that there’s a need for an affordable solution to the high cost of cross-border connectivity.”

Just last month the Vancouver-based company announced their SIM cards reached Simply Computing stores nationwide.

Roam Mobility uses the T-Mobile network in the USA, so decent 4G coverage depends on where you’ll be visiting. We’ve had no problem with coverage in Phoenix, Arizona using their plans. You can read our review here and also check out coverage of their Liberty hotspot here.

Click here to check out plans from Roam Mobility.


  • Claude Marchessault

    I tried Roam Mobility on March Break 2014 in Las Vegas, San Diego and LA and more recently in Santa Barbara, CA, this month. Roam worked very well. You pay $4 per day for unlimited calls back to Canada, unlimited calls in the USA and loads of data. The data was very important as we used Siri/iMaps to guide us everywhere – it was constantly ‘on’. And between directions we enjoyed music from Songza or iTunes Radio. I was very impressed and recommend that readers try this product. The other great thing is that you buy only what you need by identifying (online) your start and end dates. No need to buy a month’s worth of data or talk-time when you are only spending the weekend or a week in the USA.

  • Steve

    Only problem with Roam is the fact that 4G for Roam in the USA is 100% not LTE. They classify 3G as 4G at T-Mobile.