Rogers Announces First LTE Technical Trial in Canada


The Rogers network contacted us yesterday about their ambitions to begin the first LTE technical trial in Canada, which will take place in Ottawa. Why Ottawa? That’s because Rogers is teaming up with Ericsson Canada at their R&D facilities. We’ve had some discussion about LTE before. Here’s some info from the Rogers Redboard:

What is LTE?

LTE is a fourth generation (4G) wireless technology that will enable lightning-fast HD video streaming, gaming, communications, transactions and other connected experiences through mobile Internet. LTE allows significantly more data to pass through a network at higher speeds of up to 150 Mbps and it will become the foundation in a world defined by connected experiences.

What’s happening in Ottawa?

Ericsson, in co-operation with Rogers, has been conducting LTE lab testing comparing speeds and performance of LTE technology in multiple frequency bands. Rogers will expand on this testing and move to a comprehensive technical trial of LTE on both low and high band frequencies across the Ottawa area.

The technical trial will initially use recently auctioned AWS spectrum. Rogers is also working with Industry Canada to secure a development license to use 700 MHz spectrum for the trial.

What does this technical trial mean for Rogers customers?

Rogers was the first carrier to roll out HSPA+ in North America about a year ago, giving customers the ability to get speeds of up to 21 Mbps via a new Rocket Stick. We’re proud of our HSPA+ network, and when the market is ready for commercial deployment of LTE, we’ll be there.

This is great news for Canadians as Rogers is planning for faster networks for the future. While this is great, I have received many tweets from people living in towns and cities that don’t have 3G. Moreover, it seems that the existing 3G network is either meeting capacity or having issues. 3G speeds in Vancouver have been horrendously slow over the past week or so. Calls to customer service by iPhone 4 users have been told nothing is wrong, and it’s the device that could be causing the issue.

Do you have Rogers/Fido 3G in your area? How has your 3G connection been lately?

Bell/Telus iPhone 4 users, how are your 3G speeds??

[Rogers Redboard]


  • Codywoodward

    In Vancouver area as well and both mine and the girlfriend iPhone 4’s have been lagging in the network. We just came back from the island and we had similar experiences over there too.. Hope Rogers gets on this, it’s pretty annoying!

  • Anonymous

    Here is Sudbury it varies. I notice a lot that my iPhone 4 will bounce from 3G to edge to 3G back to edge. I don’t know why it does that. I’ll assume it’s Rogers techs working on the network. :/

  • Yeah, I have been noticing it is very slow lately too. My house in East Van has never been a great area, around 2.5 Mbps is normal there and lately I am getting 2; however, the huge difference in on Burnaby Mountain where I usually get almost 6 and al getting less than 2 the last week or so.

  • Camhunt

    3G is bad everywhere lately, it is not localized to devices. Excited about LTE! Nice post

  • Ruhndmc

    # Rogers 3G speeds in Victoria = booerns!

  • Bailey

    My i4 has been getting really bad 3G signal as of late too. I thought they were working on the network, but now I’m wondering. I live in the Toronto area.

    Great news about the LTE progress.

  • Anonymous

    Rogers 3G speeds in markham,on 500 kb/ps super slow

  • Ljrochon

    I was getting between .5 and 1 both down and up then I lost my ip and connection for about 20 min last night then when it came back I was getting about 3. I’ll continue monitoring to see what happens

  • Ljrochon

    Oops I forgot to mention I’m on an i4 Rogers in Calgary.

  • Ljrochon

    Oops I forgot to mention I’m on an i4 Rogers in Calgary.

  • i’m getting 2.55 / 0.84 in Gatineau / Ottawa this morning (Rogers, Iphone4).

    Which isn’t bad because i’ve had much worst in the last couple of weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Just did a test in Ottawa as well (Gloucester):
    4.31Mbps / 3.60

    That’s the fastest I’ve seen it since I got my iPhone 4.

  • cduff72

    I really wish Rogers would extend their coverage to more rural areas before they begin anything else. It’s like their only priority is to be the first to roll out new technology….but only in limited markets while leaving existing customers wanting coverage, any kind of coverage.

  • Lee

    My iPhone 4 on Telus in Toronto download 3.04 down and 3.24 up. My upload is always faster than download for some odd reason.

  • cine

    Toronto/ Hamilton area is bad. Getting around 1Up and down for past few weeks. Was getting around 4 up and down give or take. iPhone 4/ Rogers.

  • erth

    i am in the windsor area and with bell. my speed tests are down 3.47 mbps and up 2.5 mbps. i have a iphone 4. before i got my iphone 4, i had a crackberry and would constantly lose signal at my home in kingsville, ontario. i agree that rogers should try to work on their rural customers issues prior to getting into 4g.
    how long before bell gets into 4g? i wouldn’t think they would let rogers have this as a selling point for long.

  • Jasper

    I’ve been finding here in Toronto the speeds are slower, but in Mississauga the speeds are still the same.

    I’m wondering if LTE would work with the iPhone 4 with a carrier or OS update? Or is this a hardware thing?

  • Dan_s1

    You are correct!!
    Speeds in Vancouver were painfully slow on Rogers 3G last Friday, as I couldn’t turn any pages over for minutes!

  • Kyle

    id hope the iP4 is 4g ready with a software or firmware update.

  • Angrymike

    i have found 3g speeds have been slow ever since the iphone 4g was intoduced into the lower mainland/bc. yes it has been slower the last two weeks. thought it was my old 3g phone.

  • Amatijaca

    The speed in highrises in Toronto is not very good at all – I am on the 25th floor on Wellington Street West, and at times there is no signal at all. I don’t think it’s the concrete, because all the windows are glass.. There is lots of exposure to the outside…

  • Williamswillie

    I have i4 in Lethbridge, ab with virgin and speeds are great.

  • Anonymous

    When I am out of the dense population the data speeds on my iPhone 4 are fast. But when I am in the Toronto and surrounding area then it starts to slow down to about iPhone 3G speeds…. *sigh*

  • Yanick

    The Roger’s 3G network, is running great here in Quebec city!

  • Yanick

    The Roger’s 3G network, is running great here in Quebec city!

  • iphoneinregina

    Rogers 3G+ speeds are terrible in downtown Regina. I’m currently getting 0.9Mbps down and 0.08Mbps up, and this is a good day.

  • krst

    Speeds in Winnipeg have degraded substantially in the past few weeks, with 3G speeds approaching zero at some moments. It also seems that weak areas are “even weaker”, if that makes any sense. It’s now difficult to maintain a 3G Skype call without having it drop, whereas for months before drops were quite rare. I run speedtest frequently now – and sometimes it won’t even run the test.

  • Candytime3

    I have had terrible 3g service here in Victoria, (Fairfield) area, they have said there is nothing wrong but the speed is spotty at times and very slow

  • Telus 3G is amazing. Better then Rogers, for my area any way. Lightening fast, even with few bars in the Muskoka area, and even down in TO when I’m there. Pretty happy I didn’t go back to Rogers after hearing this…. haha

  • Flaxx

    I have been thoroughly disappointed with Rogers lately (more than usual). Even though I felt like I was constantly being ripped off and/or scammed, I at least was happy with the quality of the data service I was receiving, especially in comparison with the rest of the world or even people in the states. When I got my 3GS new, I was getting 3MBit down and 750 – 1000KBit up, which though a far cry from what the network ought to deliver, was 2 – 3x faster than AT&T’s average. Data now is mostly useless and I just ran the test and I got 861KBit down and 106Kbits up with a whopping 700ms ping.Furthermore, I was playing with an iPhone4 at BestBuy and though the Rogers speed test was getting marginally better (roughly 1000/500kbits, probably because they put up a tower there just for that store :p), the Telus iPhone4 got roughly 6000/3000! That’s 6x faster!So who gives a crap about LTE/4G, we don’t even have a properly implemented 3G! It’s like upgrading from an old 802.11b wireless router to an 802.11n MIMO wireless router, hoping it’ll speed up your internet coming through a 56K dial-up modem.

  • Ehdrian

    I’m a Fido customer in Edmonton. More often than not it appears as though there isn’t enough bandwidth to go around, as I sit and wait for my 3G data connection to work. Of course the response from Fido is always “Everything is functioning normally.”, yet they always seem to do something on their end and data starts to flow again.

  • Timlacroix

    I’m in northern Ontario and for a couple weeks now, the network had been very slow. Can’t even connect to web browser at some times.

  • Timlacroix

    I’m in northern Ontario and for a couple weeks now, the network had been very slow. Can’t even connect to web browser at some times.

  • Nick

    I’m in Victoria, and loading web pages over 3G has been ridiculously slow lately. Seems to have gotten better in the last couple of days… Though what really bugs me is the constant dropped calls, especially in my apartment even though it’s in a highly populated area. Every single phone call that takes place in my apartment involves some ‘can you hear me now?’. I’m really really tired of dealing with it. I was considering trying Telus but when I called them to set up a plan it seems that they’ve outsourced their call center to Asia, and it was really difficult talking to them.

  • Nick

    Me too, in oak bay.. See my post above

  • Jbohn

    I’ve had varying results in Kelowna and Penticton… only had my iPhone 4 since Sept. 2 and I was getting downloads from .83 to 2.77 and then on Sept. 14 I got 4.55 down, 3.28 up and 280 ping. That is the fastest I’ve seen and I’ve never achieved that again. Flash forward a couple of weeks and it’s seems to have gotten worse, if it works at all, and there are lags and points where nothing seems to happen and I give up. Just did a test now in Penticton and it’s 1.87 down, 1.73 up, 360 ping. If I go to the washroom that room seems to affect the signal too. I’ve put in a complain to Rogers but I doubt it will mean anything.

  • Mohammed

    In GTA
    With virgin mobile which uses the bell network and the speed is terrible.

  • Captorian

    Kelowna 3G speeds have been terrible during ‘peak’ hours for the past week on Rogers.

  • Captorian

    Kelowna 3G speeds have been terrible during ‘peak’ hours for the past week on Rogers.

  • Anonymous

    I agree – also in Kelowna and have noticed the slower speeds at dinner time from about 5 till 7:30 as well. For me it has been longer than a week.

  • CAM

    I consistently get 4 or 5 Mbps down on Bell’s HSPA+ network with 2 or 3 Mbps up in east end Montreal and Little Italy. I really can’t complain.

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  • Garrick7

    I feel like i would be lucky to consistently get 1-2 mbps down from Rogers in Red Deer, AB. We’re supposed to have HSPA+, but my best speed ever has been 1.56 down… lately it’s been terrible… .6 down, .05 up, and thats been the last week or so. so much for HSPA+

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  • KJ

    Fido service in Burlington/Oakville, ON area is really slow – almost a minute to load this page the first time, tethered to my Mac. Same issue using mobile Safari; versus my friend’s Telus iPhone 4 under similar conditions, no comparison; there is definitely something wrong with the system, or usage capacity is at it’s maximum.

    Hope they figure it out, I love my Fido….