Rogers Carrier Update for iOS 4


One of the smaller, not widely known features of iOS 4, is the ability for carriers to push out updates, over the air. Previously, this could only be done, via iTunes. This isn’t Apple firmware updates, but rather carrier specific updates.

The iOS 4 betas have been coming with Rogers carrier updates. Rogers 6 was the first one I noticed, then it was updated to Rogers 7, in the GM release. Now, an update has been pushed out,over the air, bringing us up to Rogers 7.1. This is most likely in preparation for the official release of the final iOS 4 sometime tomorrow, for compatibility. We don’t have any details on this, but we’ll keep you up to date, if there’s any major changes.

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  • David

    Just updated my iPhone 3g from 7.0 to 7.1
    Took me 2 seconds

  • Steven

    how did u do that?

  • xxJDxx

    So is there a JB for iOs 4 yet? What about for iPad?

    Oh and what's the name of the app in cydia to back up all your apps?

  • Yes, I don't know to update the carrier either, please advise.

  • Andrew

    What does updating the carrier settings actually do? M iPhone 2g is still at Rogers 5.0.

  • Max

    For iOS 4 users, go to SETTINGS – GENERAL – ABOUT and you should get the pop up

  • My carrier settings updated too this morning over the air. Really wonder what it does.

  • rorypiper

    Yes and yes. The app I use to back up my Cydia stuff is AptBackup

  • rorypiper

    Exactly. If you're not on iOS4 yet, just plug your iPhone into iTunes, and you'll get the update over USB.

  • gtasscarlo

    i tried that but its says your current os is up to date how do i get 4.0

  • Bender

    I was wondering what that was last week…I'm running iOS4 GM and had never heard of a ''Carrier upgrade''.

  • Metheitguy

    fido seems to have the same update available.

  • Xaroc

    i found out about this last night by mistake, just went through all my settings and it popped up.
    i havent noticed anything different, but i also know its not meant to provide new features lol
    but some how i hope it provides a stronger signal strength πŸ˜›

  • xxJDxx

    So is it publicly available anywhere yet? iOS 4 is released tomorrow right?

  • Rik

    does this just show up if you have iOS 4 installed because I just checked my 3gs and mine shows Rogers 5.0.

  • Draz

    There are some sites that had iOS 4.0 GM for download free since Apple didn't check to see if you are a registered developer when updating. Many (including myself) was able to grab it and install it using a Mac or just a few days ago when the Windows version of iTunes 9.2 came out =)

    But since it comes out tomorrow for everyone… Just wait for the update and as roypiper said, plug your phone into iTunes and it should prompt to update. If you haven't already done so make sure your iTunes is updated to 9.2 to save yourself some download time tomorrow.

    As for the carrier settings message, I was puzzled on what to do, so I just clicked Update… Not totally sure on what these settings do but I guess its good?

  • Looks like it, because my 3G only shows Rogers 5.0 as well.

  • It releases tomorrow.

  • It releases tomorrow.

  • David

    Do you have iOS 4 GM?

  • Draz

    Yes iOS4 only.

    Looks like alot of people will get this message tomorrow when they update πŸ˜‰

  • Steven

    yes I do, iOS 4GM, i tried to to “About” several times but nothing popped up :-/

  • chantellejoy

    iOS4 isn't released until tomorrow.

  • DjDATZ

    I personally prefer Rock App for installing things than Cydia. And it does automatic backups… Just search for “Rock” within Cydia and install that. After that, go through the breeze that is Rock for installing all your apps. πŸ˜€

  • DjDATZ

    See message above.

  • rorypiper

    Anytime I have installed Rock, I had major crashes and reboots. Haven't used it in a while though.

  • DjDATZ

    Personally, I've had nothing but amazing success with Rock. It makes restoring and re-jailbreaking your iPhone a breeze. And it'll back up a list of all the Rock apps you have installed whenever you open the Rock app to a server. To access them after, all you have to do it log in with your Rock ID and it'll give you access to those backups.

  • Mikewcassidy

    Can someone point me in the right direction of a messageboard where I can get help with jailbreaking my iphone… this site sucks now.

    Who bought this site anyway? Rogers?

  • Xaroc

    Jailbreaking is not available just yet. Real soon though. If this site
    sucks feel free to take your opinion elsewhere πŸ˜‰ we are not stoping
    you from leaving πŸ™‚

  • Xaroc

    Jailbreaking is not available just yet. Real soon though. If this site
    sucks feel free to take your opinion elsewhere πŸ˜‰ we are not stoping
    you from leaving πŸ™‚

  • Are you on drugs? There's a link on the main page. Don't take out your frustrations on this blog because of your inability to use Google effectively.

  • KnightFire

    I've always refused Carrier Updates… can someone please explain what they are, if they are necessary, and if they can somehow block jailbraking or unlocking.

  • garb

    So the carrier update is safe? I got the pop-up this morning but didn't accept as I wasn't sure it would be safe for my jailbroken 3G (to get multitasking), and also didn't know if Rogers would try to remove tethering thru a carrier update or something.

  • Effthis

    ok so i click update right and it says update successful. but now i cannot connect to my cellular data. 3G. wth… and whenever i sync with itunes it keeps asking me to update when i already updated. what is wrong

  • Mclearn

    Same problem here!

  • Tilk23

    same here, when I restore firmware and not restore from backup the cell data works and lets me update to 7.1 carrier update but the second i restore from backup cell data stops working.

  • Xaroc

    Try resetting your network settings through your settings on your phone.

    Settings > General > reset > reset network settings. This worked for
    network issues in the past. Oh and FYI you will have to log in to your
    wifi again afterwords.

  • Mclearn

    Still broken for me – tried restoring as new iPhone, and nothing!

  • Xaroc

    Hmm. Perhaps you should call rogers, or who ever you are with to see
    if they are having network issues.

  • BS

    me too!! so annoying, can't connect to cellular data service, can't make/receive call browse internet. Tried everything and no luck

  • Xaroc

    That's very weird. I updated (3Gs) my wife too (3G) so I got both
    devices with out any problems on Rogers. I wonder why only some people
    are having issues. I wonder if it's a network issue in specific

  • roadcarver

    My updated carrier settings that is being pushed via over the air is not taking. I checked the carrier settings after the update is still at 7.0. I even shut off the phone, with the same results. Currently, I noticed that tethering is no longer available after I updated to iOS4. It was availabe with 3.1.2. The Rogers tech told me to restore the iphone, and it will supposedly give me the option of “restore with update”. I also tried to manually add the ipcc file vai itunes with the ” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1″ switch… it seems like it was updating but no confirmation afterwards.

    Using the apple configuration utility was a hairy experience. Didn't work either. I'll try a restore later and see if it changes anything. BTW, my phone is already JB'd.

  • David021494

    I have the exact same problem here! What can I do? it is so annoying : /

  • roadcarver

    I had to restore and I got my tethering back in iOS4. I also applied the carrier update via itunes. Now, will try to jailbreak and see if it removes it.

  • Steve Andrews

    carrier update for Rogers with iSO4 has major issues. Rogers pushes carrier updates as is iTunes and they do not work. No data, 3rd party apps, email, internet etc. Even Rogers app does not work. Both Rogers and Apple aware of issue but do not know how to fix. Complete restore has not worked.

  • Victordisalvio

    Same for me with Fido.

  • Xaroc

    That's so weird. Both my wife and I updated to Rogers 7.1 with not a
    single problem on 3G and 3GS. I wonder why only some are having

    Sent from my iPad

  • *** SOLUTION! ***

    I had the same problem as the commenters. Update won't take no matter how many times I try, either through iTunes or the one pushed by Fido. I called Fido technical support and was able to resolve the problem. The key is to let Fido push the update to your phone AFTER a restore instead of using the carrier update from iTunes. Here are the steps I took:

    1) backup your phone

    2) restore your phone by connecting to iTunes and press the Restore button (you should have at least iTunes version 9.2

    3) The iPhone will restart after the restore. iTunes should be asking if you want to setup your phone using the backup. Do NOT set it up yet. On the iPhone, go to Settings > General > About that we have become so familiar with by now.

    4) Wait for the carrier to push the update to you. It should happen in less than 3 minutes.

    5) The iPhone will appear to have done nothing like before, but after less than 2 minutes, if you check the About page again, it will say Fido 7.1

    6) Now you can surf using 3G

    7) use iTunes to restore your data.

    Note that you do not need Wi-Fi connection throughout this process for the iPhone.

    Right now I am restoring data back to my iPhone. Hopefully when everything is done all will be well. Post to this thread if my instructions don't work.

  • Scott

    i updated to 4.0 iphone 3g on rogers and unlocked and jailbroke but cant connect to 3g or edge but wifi calling and sms works? anyone know any soultions

  • Check your carrier setting to see if it's Roger's 7.1, if it's only 7.0, you are experiencing the same issues as people on this page. See the solution below. Fido is owned by Rogers, so whatever works for Fido should work for Rogers too.

  • roadcarver

    Sorry didn't get to post an update to my experience. So my tethering is available again. What I did was:
    1. Restore the phone
    2. Let the update apply either via over the air or itunes
    3. In my instance, I did it via itunes and it didn't have to restart to change the version of the carrier settings to 7.1
    4. I did the jb via redsnow which patched the downloaded OS 4 released version from iTunes
    5. Restarted and I have carrier settings at 7.1, Tethering is available and I'm jailbroken πŸ™‚

  • dan

    For those of you who have this problem after jailbreaking to 4.0 using Pwnage Tool 4.01, make sure you do it in Expert mode and that you remove the checkmark next to “Activate” . If you let Pwnage Tool activate the phone, you'll run into this problem posted.

    I had to re-restore/jailbreak and deselect the Activate option.

  • Scottsaints

    now it says 7.0 but still no internet

  • mike

    carrier updates will not block jailbreaking or unlocking. They are how the iphone know the setting of your carrier such as apns. This is how tethering was not enable for at&t. I am in Canada, the carrier updates unlocked the tethering option since tethering is not an extra paid option and included in most data plans in fido and rogers.

  • Morgan

    thank you! I have been trying to fix this forever now. worked great! THis is such a bad problem!

  • Adamrandallmartin

    AWESOME THANKS SOO MUCH IT WORKED!!! and I'm not with Fido I'm with Rogers and it still worked like a charm!

  • Webterractive

    I’m using a Telus 3GS with Rogers and the carrier update is now 7.2. It was 7.0 before the update. It doesn’t affect the jailbreak or unlock.