Rogers CEO Joe Natale Boosting Efforts to Improve Customer Service


On his first day as the chief executive officer of Rogers Communications, Joe Natale made it clear he will make customer service his top priority.

Natale has been silent being named by the board in October to lead the company, bound by the terms of a non-compete agreement with Telus, where he was formerly CEO.

On Thursday, Natale spoke at a Scotiabank investor conference hosted by analyst Jeff Fan. In a statement, he said:

“I think there’s been some reasonable progress in what I would call the various ‘silos’ of customer service – looking at improvements in terms of retail stores or the call centre – but, in this business, you really have to look end-to-end to drive the needle on customer service.”

Natale is still getting to know the company, however, his remarks on Thursday offered a bit of insight on what he plans to change. He said that he wants employees to experience the entire business, forgetting about a single focus on their direct responsibilities. This will allow employees to better work together and provide better customer service.

The Toronto-based company is Canada’s biggest wireless carrier and has a large base of cable television and Internet customers in Ontario and the Atlantic provinces. Given its size, the amount of attention that is given to the customer service experience is crucial for maintaining and growing its customer base.

Natale’s predecessors, most recently Guy Laurence and before him Nadir Mohamed, both recognized poor customer experience as a major hurdle at Rogers. Even though Rogers has some momentum behind it now, improving customer service is still among the most important tasks for the company if they hope to promote profit growth.

[via The Globe and Mail]


  • FragilityG4

    In my experience Rogers customer service has improved drastically over the last ten years. To me that’s not the problem. The problem is pricing and the oligopoly that Big Three hold that continues to price plans out of people’s budgets.

  • MleB1

    Customer service has never been part of the family’s DNA – as you point our above, look at the professed intent and efforts of past CEOs – and how that’s gone for them or the customers.
    The family is all about profit. Natale has his work (and job) cut out for him…

  • Brian W Pietrzyk

    I was a long time Rogers customer and found thier ability and willingness to problem solve was very good for years. Then this Nazir Mohamed guy gutted it and the inmates were running the asylum. Almost every bill was wrong. The office of the president and ombudsmen became angry, defensive and had no empowerment. Totally ineffective. I pulled all our services and most of the extended family and life was good again with other providers. Then a couple of months ago my parents moved into a new house and tried to arrange cable tv for themselves. They gave up and asked me to try. It was 3 weeks of gut wrenching frustration. Hours wasted on the phone. Sure the agents were more polite but they were still at the mercy of a horrible and disconnected system. Half the conversations didnt even get documented on the system. Finally I went on twitter and got the attention of someone at Rogers who was able to stitch it all together enough to get my parents cable connected and working. Lots of talk but no improvement in my opinion. The damage Mohamed did still runs very deep. That Guy Lawrence guy was no better. Rogers are still to be avoided whenever possible. There are just too many better options out there. I’m sure Ted is still rolling in his grave.

  • OliChabot

    Same here ; been with Rogers for some years and really happy with their customer service. Facebook Messenger chat works great and you don’t have to wait 30 minutes on the phone to get an agent. Combine that with corporate and institution discount they offer ; great deal.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    I tried to become a Rogers customer when my wife and I bought our new home–we had setup our installation, or so we thought until just days before we get notice that our “account has been cancelled”. When we called in to get answers we were met with hostilities from the reps and an outright crap attitude. We never proceeded with them after that. And never will.